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Anonymous asked in 娛樂及音樂娛樂圈 · 8 years ago

Pride and Prejudice!急!20點

你們有沒有看過Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen


Describe your at least favourite character in the book.Explain why you dislike him/her.!!!!




and also English answer Chinese is OK too but English is better

20 點!!!!急急急急急急急急急急

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Jane Bennet

    Jane Bennet is the eldest Bennet sister. Twenty-two years old when the novel begins, she is considered the most beautiful young lady in the neighbourhood. Her character is contrasted with Elizabeth's as sweeter, shyer, and equally sensible, but not as clever; her most notable trait is a desire to see only the good in others. As Anna Quindlen wrote, Jane is "sugar to Elizabeth's lemonade."Jane is closest to Elizabeth, and her character is often contrasted with that of Elizabeth. She is favoured by her mother because of her beauty.

    She falls in love with Mr. Bingley, a rich man who has recently moved to Hertfordshire. Their love is initially thwarted by Mr Darcy and Caroline Bingley who are concerned by Janes low connections and have other plans for Bingley. Mr Darcy aided by Elizabeth eventually sees the error in his ways and is instrumental in bringing Jane and Bingley back together. Jane is the second Bennet to marry.

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