How come St Paul, who founded the Catholic church, was so silent about the Virgin Mary?

Mary Jesus' mother has a central role in the practice of all Catholics religious lives - from saying Hail Marys after confession to believing in the immaculate conception, to having visions of her at Lourdes, Mezogorge etc. Yet St. Paul who could be described as the founder of the Roman Catholic church at least in terms of doctrine hardly mentions her in his letters and epistles. How can this be reconciled?


I didn't say he founded it alone but in terms of doctrine he was certainly a key player, compared to the barely literate St Peter.

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    It was Jesus who founded the Catholic Church Sacred tradition tells us all we need to know about the blessed mother of God of which the Bible is an integral part. God bless!

    In Christ

    Fr. Joseph .

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    Paul was out missionizing and spreading the gospel, and only rarely visited Jerusalem and those around Mary (John, for instance, was also in various parts of his world). There was really no reason to write of her. The Church believed what it believed, experienced what it did, and knew what it knew.

    Paul's writings are not an exhaustive treatise on Christian doctrine; they were not meant to be. Rather, they are mainly *corrections to where people had gotten off the track of the *tradition* -- that which they'd received by his preaching. Paul had to tell the church in Thessalonika to stick to the tradition he taught them. See 2 Thes 2:15 and 3:6.

    (BTW, the prayer used with the rosary is almost entirely scripture, taken from the annunciation of the imminent pregnancy of Mary and her cousin Elizabeth's greeting. See Luke 1:18 and 1:42. Also BTW, Orthodox do not typically use this prayer, but rather "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner" -- the "Jesus Prayer")

    Forgive me.


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    Expand your horizon with the eastern catholicism n orthodoxy. St Mary is called the Holy Theotokos, God-bearer n Holy ever-virgin.

    St Paul's teaching is well known to be highly complicated that even St Peter warned people not to interpreted on their own as they might twist or get it wrong. Thus rely on the teachings of the apostles...

    St Paul is not an actual apostle of Christ, He did not even see Jesus personally. He took his instructions thru a vision.

    So if Paul did not see Jesus, neither he is familiar with St Mary.

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    Paul had enough trouble with Christians understanding basic doctrine to worry about anything else. Acts through Revelation demonstrates the problems that he had to deal with -- everything from Jews demanding that the Gentile converts follow the Law to a guy who was sleeping with his stepmother.

    Pail had to focus on helping the new Church to master the essentials before the deeper things of God could be revealed. There would be plenty of time later for the Church to show its gratitude and love for the brave woman who trusted in God and brought our Savior into this world.

    Protestants, on the other hand, are still working on the basics. Your churches haven't been around long enough to be deeply rooted in the fundamentals of Christianity. That's why the least wind of dissent is enough to split your denominations and send weak branches crashing down to the ground.

    It's OK, though. Catholics are patient, and we figure you'll catch on to why the Blessed Mother deserves our thanks and love.


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    Why are you telling lies?

    I went to Confession Saturday. Neither I nor Father mentioned Mary at any time, nor was there hailing of anyone, and my penance was strictly about me and Jesus.

    Paul did not found the Church.

    By your comments, you don't even rise to the level of protestant. So, What Is Your Problem?

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    It was Saint Peter who founded the Catholic church dumb dumb. And he gave Mary Plenty of credit, have you ever been to a church? A Cathedral? How about the Vatican or Notre Dame, which is practically named after Mary? You see the paintings, the statues, etc. Mary is a big figure in the Catholic Church. And she didn't found it, she was not a founder of the Church. She is the mother of the Church. Please get your facts straight...

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    Saint Paul did not found the Catholic Church in any way, shape, or form. God did.

    "How can this be reconciled?"

    Even if you were correct, Marian devotion is not a prerequisite to be a Catholic, it is a "tradition" (little t), a huge part of Catholic identity, but not essential.

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    Saint Peter founded the Catholic Church. If Paul founded anything it is some branches of Protestantism.

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    Paul's conversion on the Damascus Road was due to him meeting Jesus. Christians worship Jesus, not Mary. Mary's importance within the Roman Catholic Church is out of proportion to her role in Jesus' life. Paul is not described in the Bible as having founded the Roman Catholic Church. Paul is described to be a prisoner under house arrest in Rome. He and Peter were both in Rome, where they were both martyred. Paul's letter to the Romans was to bring doctrinal corrections to the church that was already there.

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