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Abortion question. don't read if you had one, or if sensitive to this type of thing being dicussed?

First, this is for information ONLY. (Not pregnant)

At what stage of gestation is a fetus's brain able to detect pain?


Is the fetus anesthetized before the abortion?

As stated : am NOT pregnant and is for information ONLY. (No moral or ethics answers or arguements from pro/con activist please!)

Seeking medical knowledge only.

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    Fetuses feel pain from around 29-30 weeks:

    Fetal anesthetic is routinely used for procedures carried out during the 3rd trimester. Third trimester abortions are only done when there is something seriously wrong with the child. In these cases, the child would be injected with a fatal solution before the abortion occurred. In late second trimester abortions, the mother is anesthetized. Although the anesthetic is not always specifically chosen for its ability to act on the fetus (because all the scientific evidence shows that fetuses can't feel pain at that point), there is no way to put general anesthetic into a pregnant woman's body without it also being in the fetus's body.

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    The mother has anesthesia to have an abortion. So that means that the fetus would have this too.

    So it is impossible for a fetus to not be anesthetized.

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    Pain is very hard to describe, since biggest part it depends of our experience. My 9m had blood taken from his vein, I was so scared when he actually was flirting with the nurse while she was doing her job. Why? Cause it doesn't really hurt, but we are so scared of the needles that this transforms to the physical pain.

    Dead body doesn't care about pain, my biggest concern would be mothers psychological and physical state after she kills her own child. This is something you can change or take back. And I am not judging, just pointing out, what real problem is.

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    no they do NOT anesthize the fetus before the abortion

    and nerve endings are present very early on

    so yes they feel it

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