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Do you need to grease up bearings before you put them on your longboard/skateboard?

I've been skating for about 6 months now and I want to fix up this longboard I have and all I need are new bearings, I'm completely clueless of what kind I should get because I'm still pretty new at everything and I have no one to really teach me anything or help me so yeah . But back to my question, when I get bearings do I need to grease them , do I need to buy grease ? HELP ME IM A MESS haha xD

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    Most bearing are pre-greased/pre-lubed so you don't need to do anything when you first buy them. Cleaning and greasing your bearing is part of their maintenance.

    If you are looking for a new set, I use Renegades and they are on sale on Social Skateboarding. I'll post a link below. I would also recommend you check out the community forum. A lot of active users who can answer questions and help you out, see you there!

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    Don't grease them it will only attract dust, bearings stick to the wheels and the trucks they're lubricated on the inside already.

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