Quickest way to take train from Salerno Italy to Venlo Netherlands?

We are getting a Eurail pass probably good for Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Benelux so no route through France if possible. We are looking at an overnight in Switzerland somewhere...possibly Bern or Zurich...or somewhere in Switzerland. thanks.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You got two answers giving you details, which I have not checked though.

    http://www.bahn.de/i/view/DEU/en/index.shtml you can do your own checking, adjusting the times.

    And do not forget to set the date as some trains may not run everyday.

    You get the details on the travels when you click on the orange arrows on the result pages.

    When you do your own search for train times you will see the different options for changes, which does allow you to select the city where you might want to spend some time.

    Zurich is one of the options, which would go with your idea of spending time in Switzerland.

    By the way, Eurail tickets often do not save you much, if any, money compared to point to point tickets, specially not if you do relatively few rail travels and are willing and able to book early.

    http://www.seat61.com/Railpass-and-Eurail-pass-gui... tells you about that, with all you need to know about passes.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    in Salerno you take the InterCityNight leaves 3:26 a Seatreservation needed

    leave the train in Roma Tiburtina and switch the train to Milano

    leave the train at Milano Centrale

    have some time to drink buy

    the train from Milano to Basel but also need an reservation

    in Basel switch a train

    direction to Mannheim there switch the train to Düsseldorf there also to switch and take the train to Venlo

    around 22:00 you will arrive there

    When there is a delay on the travel you get some other possibilities but will be another travel day see the information in your leaflet

  • Dru
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    7 years ago

    There is the night/sleeptrain Zürich - Amsterdam.

    Change trains in Köln/Cologne to Venlo. There is a direct line from Köln to Venlo.

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