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Where can you buy a NASCAR diecast car?

I just found my fave NASCAR driver's diecast car on eBay, but my dad won't buy it for me. I even said I could make an account and buy it and he said he didn't care if I bought it or not so I was like ok so I can buy it? and he said no! I don't understand him at all? Yet he bidded on a Vera Bradley bag I wanted that was on eBay? This diecast car is a buy it now and it's only $6.95 plus free shipping. It's better than paying $10-20. So anyways, where can I buy a diecast car so that I don't have to buy this off of eBay?


I don't have a credit card btw (I wish I did)

Update 2:

If only I had a job, but I'm not ready for one yet

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    7 years ago
    Favorite Answer Superstore. You'd likely have to use a credit card. That or go in a mall & hope you find some there.

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    Where can you buy a NASCAR diecast car? The best place to buy cheap Diecast Cars and Other Vehicles online is at who have a massive collection to choose from at amazing prices from a website you can trust.

    Whether you're looking for vintage toy vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s, limited editions, John Deere, NASCAR, or movie-inspired miniatures, you'll find almost every kind of diecast toy vehicle imaginable here.

    You may not be able to fit a full-fledged race car in your garage, but you can stock your shelves with diecast replicas of cars made famous by your favorite NASCAR, Formula 1 (F1), NHRA, Indy, and LeMans drivers.

    Source(s): Buy Diecast Cars and Other Vehicles Online .
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    Amanda....If the price is $6.95 right is because no one has bid..and there are snipers who wait til the last minute or even 30 seconds to place a bid. I don't know the details of what car you are looking at on EBAY....but will say...that some of these are available on wal mart sites and are always on EBAY as well.

    You will learn that in a bidding the beginning is a price and at the end of the auction is the cost. Try to never be a compulsive buyer on your homework and find out the current market value of the item before bidding or buying "G Good Luck.

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    Ebay has them all the time, Keep looking and set up a paypal account with a checking account. You don't need a credit card to do paypal.

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  • 7 years ago

    Keep your eyes on Craigslist. People are always selling sports stuff pretty cheap. If there are any flea markets around your area that's a good place to look to.

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    7 years ago is the best place, but not cheap at all.

    Talk to your dad, if you have the money, give him the money and let him then charge it on his credit card, problem solved.

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    Anywhere really, Department stores, flea markets, garage sales etc.

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    Pawn shops, You won't find it at that price, though.

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    Just about anywhere. Even Walmart has NASCAR die cast stuff.

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