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Steam Account on different computers?

I wanted to buy some games on steam and I wanted to know if I could buy and download them on my computer and play them on a different computer. Well my question is what happens if my computer brakes? Can I log on to steam on another computer and re-download it or do I need to buy it again. Also can I play the same game on a different user within the same computer? Most detailed answer gets best answer.

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    Steam accounts can be used on any number of computers (though only one computer can be logged in at any time).

    If Steam detects that this is the first time you've ever logged into a particular computer, it will email you a verification code to enter in to Steam. Just enter that in, and you'll be able to re-download all your games on another computer.

    As for the "different user, same computer", no.

    Only the Steam user that bought the content can use the content. If another Steam Account is logged in, the other games are inaccessible. If you try to load them, it'll log you out of the other user and prompt you to log into the user that bought them

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