Nexus 7 users please answer?

So I just got a nexus 7...what all can you do with it? I'm in college and my parents thought it could help me so they bought one for me for back to school. First, tell me all of the things you can do that have to do with school.

Now here's the part I like! The games and cool apps and stuff! Haha!

Can you like suggest some cool games that you don't have to have Internet for??? Anything! Your favorite thing to do! Even ifbitsbyour favorite app from your iphone or anything...chances are they'll have it lol.

Now here's an actual question: I heard you can use movies like DVDs that you have at home, put them into your computer, download them, then download them onto your nexus and watch them without Internet? Can you do that? I really want to do that! Thanks!

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  • Tymme
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    7 years ago
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    There are lots of school-related apps; it all depends on subject. Graphing calculators for math, conversion programs, etc. There's also lots of notepad-type programs to take notes or record classes to listen to later. Wifi-enabled classrooms means you can access online content systems (Blackboard, Desire2Learn, etc) if you use them.

    For games, download the Amazon Appstore first. You can get one free app a day and many of them are games. Other games are hit and miss for internet- for example, Angry Birds doesn't require internet access. I also like the puzzle aspects of Alchemy.

    Grab a media player for the Nexus (there are tons of them) and an extractor for the PC. Again, there are tons of solutions, so it's best to do some digging; look at Android forums like for suggestions.

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