transfer and translate

any difference??


EG 老母轉移物業比我 用transfer 定 translate??

生活環境轉變用 transfer定 translate??

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  • 7 years ago
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    transfer 是「轉移」,translate 則是「翻譯」

    通常 transfer 是指「把東西從一處地方轉移到第二處地方」,例如

    transfer the money from Hong Kong to Japan (把錢從香港轉移到日本),多用在錢銀方面;

    亦有「轉學」的意思,如 transfer to the Arts Faculty(轉至文學院);

    也有「名義轉移」的意思(transfer of title,法律用語)

    相反,translate 是把「一個東西的媒介(如語言、形體等)轉成別的媒介」,例如:

    translate the report from Chinese into English (把報告從中文譯成英文);

    translate the ideas into something real(把點子變成實在的東西)


    2013-08-19 21:52:01 補充:

    transfer 亦有「轉乘」的意思,如 transfer to the MTR(轉乘地鐵)

    2013-08-19 22:12:50 補充:

    物業轉移用 transfer,這正正就是「名義轉移」的一種

    生活環境轉變,transfer 和 translate 兩者都不適合,就這樣用 change 就可以了

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    7 years ago

    Translate can mean

    "To transfer from one place or condition to another."

    "To change from one form, function, or state to another"

    "To convert or transform"

    "To cause (a body) to move without rotation or angular displacement."

    2013-08-20 16:49:43 補充:

    老母轉移物業比我-My mother transferred the title of her property to me.

    My mother transferred the ownership of her property to me.

    生活環境轉變The living condition/environment was transferred.

  • 7 years ago

    轉移物業 = change the ownership of a property

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