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french kiss點解呀?

1. french kiss 點解?

2. I will catch u after some time點解呀/

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    是指「我一會兒再跟你說」,catch you later (after some time) 是口語。


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    1. french kiss France is a romantic country ~ ha ha.. so,their life romantic artistic atmosphere of infection isearly.法国吻的初吻仅仅限于轻吻情人的脸颊或额头。French kiss kiss only kisslover's face orforehead.爱情深化后才是口对口,唇对唇的亲吻。在彼此的唇与唇相接后,由轻而重,由“干吻”接着就是舌的交缠,转为强有力的“吸吻”。Love deepen after is the mouth, lip tolip kisses. In the lips is connected with each other, from light to heavy, from "kiss"then is the tongue interlacing, to strong "sucking".“法国吻”最杰出的特点之一,应该是吻的部位遍及全身各处,真可谓:情之所致,吻你个“体无完肤”。"French kiss" one of the mostoutstanding, should be the kiss sites throughout the body, it is caused by:love, kiss you "injured all over the body".2.I will catch u after some time


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