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Matt asked in SportsFootball (American) · 7 years ago

Why do people like RG3 so much?

To be honest I'm a Redskins fan and I really don't like him. Andrew Luck is so much more modest than he is. RG3 is always in the media and he just never seems to stop talking about himself. He's probably going to get injured this year because he never shuts up and Kirk Cousins can finally takeover. RG3 is such a douche, just watch this vid with Lebron

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I mean he made eye contact with the dude and didn't even acknowledge him. He thinks he's "all that" when in reality his career is going to be over and no one will care that he even played


Yeah no doubt he can play, he's just full of himself

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  • 7 years ago
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    People tend to like RG3 because they think he's going to be the next "Evolution" in the NFL quarterback because of how athletic he is. Of course people have been thinking that since the 1920's or so that some athletic guy is going to be the next big thing. And those guys have failed one after another. RG3 is a little better than most of the previous contenders because he can also pass well.

    I agree with you that RG3 needs to shut up. I'm not sure if it is RG3 or if it is moreso the Redskins organization trying to profit off of RG3. As Ditka and them say, "C'MON MAN!" Why do they need to give a daily report on whether RG3 will or will not be healthy to play come week 1? That's just plain ridiculous. Heck, people didn't even get that up tight when Peyton Manning or Brady were out injured.

    And I agree with Donovan McNabb. Why the heck does RG3 have to give a little mini conference every time they practice or have a preseason game? As Donovan says, it takes away from the team. I know McNabb messed up a time or two, but RG3 would do well to listen to McNabb.

    Luck on the other hand is very quiet. He's respectful of other teams and his players. For example, a lot of the interceptions weren't a result of bad passes by Luck. Instead, most were a result of his young rookie receivers running the routes wrong. Luck, unlike almost any other quarterback (especially Jay Cutler), didn't blame his receiver. In fact, he did just the opposite. He took the blame for the interceptions even though they weren't his fault. And fans likely wouldn't even have known unless Bruce Arians had done a not so well known interview stating that fact.

    Luck also when he did throw some interceptions actually made a real attempt at tackling the interceptor. He's actually a pretty good tackler. Few QB's would even make an attempt to tackle.

    Teammates stick up fiercely for a quarterback like that who will get his hands dirty and not only avoids blaming his teammates but takes the blame for them. That's not only rare, it's unheard of.

    Heck, Luck even has an ancient $10 cell phone that he constantly gets ribbed about.

    The other thing where I think RG3's ability gets overblown is his completion rating and stats. Yes, it was amazingly high for a rookie. But he also threw the ball hardly at all. In fact, he tied on pass attempts with Russell Wilson for 393. Wilson and the Seahawks had the least number of pass attempts of any team in the entire NFL last year. They also ran the ball more than any other team in the NFL last year. Not to mention both of them were passing to veterans where Luck was passing to rookies on a team where his offensive line could never hold so he was passing on the run and where Bruce Arians had him throw more 20+ yard passes than any QB in the NFL. Hmm...I wonder why Luck's QB rating and completion rating hurt last year? Duh!!!

    Pep Hamilton is going to a more balanced attack and Luck's completion rate is up to almost 70% completion this preseason.

    And while winning Player of the Week in Week 1 was awesome for RG3. It wasn't as spectacular as it first seemed. The Saints are normally a very tough team. But last year with the bounty scandal and their head coach missing they really struggled. And the Saints has statistically about the worst defensive season of any team in NFL history. And that super weak defense, was what RG3 started out against in week 1. Luck on the other hand, started out on the road against the Chicago Bears. The Bears were one of the top 3 defenses in the league last year. And they were also #1 in the league in interceptions last year. Big difference.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I agree that he is not a very nice guy but you cannot seriously say that he isn't a good football player, he is one of the bravest players in the game. He knew he was injured in the playoffs but still went out and played his best (as stupid as that sounds). He is also recovering from that injury much quicker than anybody could have imagined and he's stronger than he was before

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  • 7 years ago

    Because actions speak louder than words and he has a great work ethic. He eats healthy and gets lots of exercise by running this (and every) offseason.

    Source(s): A self-proclaimed top ten football expert in the known universe.
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  • ?
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Didn't he text a pic of his weiner on his wedding day? Lol what athletes are good ppl

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  • 7 years ago

    I think people sortive see him as the new mick Vick and he can get yards and touch downs himself.the commercials help to though.

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