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Native Turkish Speakers: Help with Situation?

Would like to thank all of you here for your help. I sincerely appreciate it. Have a girl in Turkey. Professing her desire to be with me. I was on her online page, saw bing auto translation (far worse that what it is), and started asking questions. What is the meaning and your opinion?

Ulan arkadas aylardir megerse bitkisel hayattaymisim lig basladi da kendime geldim mk

Girl: neden öyleydin?

Response futbolsuzluktan :))

Friend Depresyonlu erkek net ibnedir

Response laa senim isim gucun yokmu baska ona ibne buna pust diyon boyna.sanki bana tanri parcacigi mk :)))

Girl: neden bu kadar gerildin canım? lkflsdjfldjl

Guy: isi gucu yok erkeklere salliyo tirt :)) bolesini birakacan oda sicakliginda kendi basina uremeye calissin :))

Girl aman sus lütfen :)

Guy ben biliyom hep bu sila'nin sarkilari sizi boyle gaza getiriyo :D

Friend: Hüso üçümüzden biri Sıla dinliyosa o sensin aQ akljlaaajaj

Guy: konsere geldi buraya kacirdim ya :))))

belli aq şlksflşsfkd


40 kilo erkek sevenler

What does this this imply?

Bamya erkek.

Her friend

Sen benim onu beğendiğimi söyleme, de ki aranızı yapiyim mi çok iyi kız falan de (don't like him)

Amerika'da babysitting ile hayatını idame ettiren müthiş havalı Türk <3

Yurt dışında yaşamam çünkü ezine peyniri yok, en basitinden

İstek= Amerika'da yaşam, Gerçek= 150 yıl Green Card başvurusuyla geçen memur hayatı :(

aynen abi ben de fav.ladım NAME görse kesin favlar


When she was here chemistry was good, I liked her. Seems she's over there telling me one thing and doing another. Thanks to all of the members in the community who responded.

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    here is the translation:

    Jesus man actually i was vetegable man for months but i didnt knew it, football league started and then i return to my normal life. f*ck (for "mk")

    girl: why were you like that?

    reponse: cause i wasnt watching any football match :))

    friend: depressif man is fag 100%

    reponse: man you dont have any other thing to do?! you're always saying fag or bastard to everyone.

    girl: why are you so nervous honeg? LOL

    guy: he has no job so he is busy with guys :)) leave this kind of person in a room at 25 degree C to try to be reproduce :))

    girl: please shut up :)

    guy: i know this is Sıla's (a singer in Turkey) songs that makes you like this :D

    friend: hüso (guys name is Hüseyin he says shortly) if one of us is listening Sıla, thats you. f*ck (for aQ) LOL

    guy: she came here to have a concert but i missed it :))))

    thats obvious f*ck LOL

    girl: who loves 40 kg man

    petite man (tiny)

    her friend: don't say that i like him, say "you want me to make you get together" "she is a good girl" or something like that

    a very cool Turkish that tries to live in America by babysitting <3

    i wont live in a foreign country, theres no Ezine chees (a spesific Turkish chees) for example

    request=life in America reality= an officer life that least 150 years passing by trying to get a Green Card :(

    yeah man. i liked it (fav. = favorites) if he/she sees the name he/she will like me (fav=favorites) certainly

    its not an important conversation. and its very stupid also. they are talking about you. i hope that i translate it good :)

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    they kinda talk about her moving to states and "babystting" at the end. i think thats the part that interests you.:

    she says "i wouldnt move abroad cause there is no "ezine peyniri(type of cheese)"

    İstek= Amerika'da yaşam, Gerçek= 150 yıl Green Card başvurusuyla geçen memur hayatı :(

    Desire: to live in the states Reality: Live like an officer for 150 years, waiting for a green card :( (means having no life, just working)

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