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Acne is ruining my life?!?

Ok, I'm 15 years old and a year ago I had about 1 spot a week just on my face. I started getting spots November 2012 on my face so I went to the doctors and was prescribed benzoyl peroxide, didn't work. I went back again and got another gel and it didn't work. Then I went on holiday to Australia where I sunbathed every day and went swimming a lot, then literally I found ALL my acne was gone, every single spot, so far as to say I had perfect skin. Then, a few weeks after coming home my acne got worse. I had acne on my forehead and a few on my chest/back. I got prescribed tetrocylin, no luck. Then erthymocin, (not sure how to spell it), still no luck. Then it got so bad, a few months ago it spread to my shoulders, face, chest, arms, back, it is ruining my life. I've tried everything from tee tree, witch Hazel, salycic acid, literally every brand of everything and almost every prescription possible from the doctor except accutane. I've changed my lifestyle, I eat healthy, wash regularly, change my sheets and clothes a lot, drink about 3 liters of water a day, I exercise regularly and I have a bath aftera sweating. Presently, my bacne has spread all down my back, and my chest acne is getting worse, my face acne is getting more populated and I cant look at myself. I am currently testing out a loofah for my back/chest acne...

Please help me!!

Did the sun clear my acne in Australia? Should I go on the sunbeds to clear it, will it help?

Any questions just ask and post it under additional details

-Male by the way-

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    A method that works for many, in a week or so, is to coat the acne with a thin layer of a dandruff shampoo that has the active ingredient, pyrithione zinc (read the labels) and let is set for a few minutes. If it starts to feel warm, time is up, because this ingredient will attack anything that lives, including your skin, with enough exposure. The trick is to leave it on, long enough to basically reset the entire microbial population of your skin, but remove it before it goes deeper.

    After the wait, shower the shampoo off, very thoroughly, with only light rubbing. You don't want to form a lather, or you will remove your skin oils. You want those oils, that now have a tiny bit of pyrithione zinc diffused into them, left behind to discourage bacterial growth for a couple days.

    Repeat this process no more often than every second day.

    The best part about this treatment (after being available, cheap and easy to use on large areas) is that, if it is going to work, for you, you will see improvement in about a week. (two or three treatments). If you see no improvement in two weeks, you might as well try something else.

    I am sort of keeping track of what the success rate is for this method, so it you try it, I would be interested in hearing about your experience, whether good or not. Thanks.



    John Popelish

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    Okay firstly, it doesn't matter wether you're male or female. Everybody has skin.

    Secondly, don't go on the sun-beds, they're very dangerous for your skin. Need I say any more?

    Lastly, doctors know squat about the skin, they're for your health and body etc.

    I suggest you go to a dermatologist, who is a skin specialist and knows what they're doing!

    Some people find the sun helps with their skin, it's also a natural source of vitamin D but their is know proven scientific evidence that it does help prevent and heal. Who knows?

    Don't be afraid of the sun, but since you do have acne, I highly suggest you use SPF sun protection everyday as scars and marks will worsen.

    Good luck to you!

    Source(s): Teenage boy who has suffered with acne since was about 10/11. Been prescribed 3 different gels from doctor/GP. All 3 either did nothing or made my skin worse. Dermatologists are the way to go!!
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