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Acne is ruining my life?!?

Ok, I'm 15 years old and a year ago I had about 1 spot a week just on my face. I started getting spots November 2012 on my face so I went to the doctors and was prescribed benzoyl peroxide, didn't work. I went back again and got another gel and it didn't work. Then I went on holiday to Australia where I sunbathed every day and went swimming a lot, then literally I found ALL my acne was gone, every single spot, so far as to say I had perfect skin. Then, a few weeks after coming home my acne got worse. I had acne on my forehead and a few on my chest/back. I got prescribed tetrocylin, no luck. Then erthymocin, (not sure how to spell it), still no luck. Then it got so bad, a few months ago it spread to my shoulders, face, chest, arms, back, it is ruining my life. I've tried everything from tee tree, witch Hazel, salycic acid, literally every brand of everything and almost every prescription possible from the doctor except accutane. I've changed my lifestyle, I eat healthy, wash regularly, change my sheets and clothes a lot, drink about 3 liters of water a day, I exercise regularly and I have a bath aftera sweating. Presently, my bacne has spread all down my back, and my chest acne is getting worse, my face acne is getting more populated and I cant look at myself. I am currently testing out a loofah for my back/chest acne...

Please help me!!

Did the sun clear my acne in Australia? Should I go on the sunbeds to clear it, will it help?

Any questions just ask and post it under additional details

-Male by the way-

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    I've had acne since my early teens, and I still have some but it has lessened.

    I tried going to the doctor like you did and got benzoyl peroxide, but it didn't work. I find that washing your face with an acne wash with salicyclic acid twice a day (I use Neutrogena's oil free acne wash) and putting on a moistuirizer (Olay) and an acne medicine with benzoyl peroxide (Clearasil) right after helps. I also shower twice a day to be cleaner. And I think it was the swimming that cleared your acne because you sweat less when you swim and the chlorine from the water kills the germs that are on your face/back.

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    I had acne since I was 13, after years of trying different creams and gels the doctor tried putting me on the contraceptive pill (I'm not sure if you are male or female) which did seem to help a bit, then I used tea tree oil. I still get flair ups now and find that if i crush asprin up in a little water to make a paste and put it on my skin for 10 mins it takes the redness away and helps them go away quicker though this is not a long term cure. Have you been referred to to dermatologist? You could also try a sea salt and water solution.

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    Yes, the UV light from the sun will have helped clear you acne - but it might not have been the only thing that helped.

    Sunbeds will help in the same way, BUT IF YOU ARE IN THE UK YOU CANNOT USE A SUNBED UNLESS YOU ARE 18.

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    Try putting neosporin on your acne , or an over-the-counter antibacterial , i had bad acne as well but as i started using the neosporin it quickly went away

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    I think its the salt water that cleared them!

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