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很急! 有幾個英文題目想要請教(奉上20點)

不好意思, 下面有幾個英文題要求救, 請大家幫忙解析一下,越清楚越好:


there / always / in /fairy tales / ending / is / a

(2) 句子改寫:

Is he unhappy? (加入student)


There is a boy.

The boy is playing with his dog.

(4)寫作(中翻英) 約50個字左右

Charles 和同學在學校玩躲避球時不小心跌倒斷了腿,接著救護車來學校送他去醫院,醫生診斷後,告訴他必須住院治療,而且還要吃藥.

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    不用不好意思,希望幫到你。 :) 

    (1) "a" 應該是 "an"

    There is always an ending in fairy tales.


    (2) 這問題問得不是太清楚。

    Is the student unhappy?

    Is the student unhappy because of him?

    Is he unhappy because of the student?


    There is a boy who is playing with his dog.

    可以用who代表the boy把兩句連接在一起。這裏文法上是用了relative clause(關係子句),當中who是relative pronoun(關係代詞)連接了兩句。


    Charles accidentally fell and broke his leg when he played dodgeball with his classmates. Then an ambulance came to school and picked him to the hospital. After diagnosis, the doctor told him that he must be hospitalized with medication.

    accidentally - 意外地,指不小心地

    fell - 跌倒

    broke his leg - 斷了腿

    dodgeball - 躲避球

    ambulance - 救護車

    hospital - 醫院

    diagnosis - 診斷

    hospitalized - 住院治療

    medication - 藥物治療

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