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In "The Substitute" Glee episode in season two who are the younger kids?

In season 2 there is the episode of glee where will schuester sees the entire glee club as little kids because he is sick. I have searched the Internet but cannot find who the little kids are. I want to see what their name was and see how much they resembled the original glee people. Lol

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    Alexys Alonzo as Mini Santana

    Lauren Boles as Mini Rachel

    Loryn Shay Charbonnier as Mini Brittany

    Jada Harris as Mini Mercedes

    Evan Kishiyama as Mini Mike

    Matthew Lepper as Mini Puck

    Adam Kolkin as Mini Kurt

    Jake Vaughn as Mini Finn

    ? as Mini Tina

    Landon Zakhar as Mini Artie

    ? as Mini Sam

    Avery Phillips as Mini Quinn

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    The Substitute Glee

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