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Teens: Opinion on confederate flags?

Where I am from a lot of people have confederate flags on their pickups, like full blown flags, not just painted on, a real flag with a pole lol. Here it is completely normal and okay to have one lol. I'm not racist or anything but I don't really care if people fly them around here, even though it is Ohio... Which makes no sense.

What is your opinion on them?

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    7 years ago
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    People are very uneducated on them and what they stand for. The flag that is often touted as the "Confederate flag" wasn't the national flag of the Confederacy. It belonged to the First Tennessee infantry. The Confederate flag is not an inherently racist symbol. The Civil War was never about slavery. It was about unfair taxation. There were three recessions and a depression between 1809 and 1850. The south was collapsing under the weight of unfair tariffs placed on industrial imports, such as lumber and textiles, while the northern economy was booming. 31% of the nation was providing agriculturally and economically for the other 69%. If I were in that situation, I'd be pretty pissed too.

    Slavery was only brought in as an issue by Lincoln, who used it as an excuse to keep France and England from aiding the CSA in 1863 and subsequently kicking his àss. The Civil War was practically over just before Gettysburg. Despite the Anaconda Plan to cut off supplies to the rebels, the CSA had far superior generals. The Union had lost almost all morale because they hadn't won a single major battle. It was a close fight.

    In conclusion, Confederate flag is no worse than the good old "stars and stripes." After all, it was Old Glory that brought slaves to the US. In fact, most northern states' economies were built entirely on the slave trade, legal and illegal.

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    The CSA was a rebel state. The secession was illegal, short-lived, and not recognized by the United States. While to some Southerners, the Confederate flag aka Dixie flag is a symbol of their "heritage" (ironically they're all born in the USA as citizens of the UNITED STATES), to the MAJORITY (mostly non-Southerners), the flag is a symbol of America's unpleasant past and the Confederacy. The Southern Cross was adopted as a part of the second and third official CSA flag, by the way.

    Even if the Civil War was not about slavery as some suggest (which it WAS in part), the legality of slavery was surely dependent on how the war ends. If the CSA took over, there's no doubt they would have legalized slavery on the federal level. Agricultural businesses wanted the cheapest labor possible, like today's outsourcing corporations. It has always been profits first, morality and principles second. Morality sure wasn't in the way, however, as Whites cited the Bible and Blacks' "inherent" inferiority as justification for slavery.

    For perspective: "We hold as undeniable truths that the governments of the various States, and of the confederacy itself, were established exclusively by the white race, for themselves and their posterity; that the African race had no agency in their establishment; that they were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race, and in that condition only could their existence in this country be rendered beneficial or tolerable." - from Texas' declaration of secession

    When it comes to things like symbols and flags, the de facto meaning is determined by the majority. That is just common sense. Individualism (a paradox in my opinion) has an influence on the Southerners' choice to wave the Confederate flag. They want to be distinguished from the rest of America. They also have the choice to wave their respective state's flag but they chose not to. Not only are state flags rarely associated with racial oppression, they are also a better and more distinguished representation of their respective culture and heritage than a flag that is used to represent an entire region.

    The problem with the Confederate flag is that its meaning is up for interpretation, whether it be the interpretation of an ill-willed redneck or Southerners who believe it is just a symbol of Southern heritage (which is ultimately a part of American heritage, can be represented by the 50-star American flag). Interpretations aside, slavery is a part of Southern heritage. That's a fact that cannot be refuted. By waving that flag, you are supporting something that is closely associated with a place and time where slavery was practiced without remorse until it was outlawed. Economic dependence is not a valid justification for immorality.

    Source(s): Unbiased history and logic
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    People can wave whatever flag they want and I will not try to tell anyone what they should be proud of. However, this freedom to love the confederate flag, or whatever other flag, doesn't mean I have to agree with them or even understand them.

    I have no interest on talking to or being around people who are proud of the confederate flag. Take the pro-slavery, racist flag and worship the losing side of the Civil War if that makes a person happy, I will not censor it or fight it, but do not expect me to like it.

    My cousin lives in New Orleans. His car has a confederate flag with a black x across it that says "you lost, get over it". I think its pretty funny, and as valid and respectable as carrying the flag itself. His car has been vandalized by the proud southern hicks multiple times.

    BTW, I do know plenty about the history and the origins of the confederate flag, and enough about the Civil War to get the many things that were fought for. It doesn't change the fact that culturally and socially the flag represents bad things presently. The Swastika was not an inherently bad symbol when it was popularized in Germany, and people supporting the Nazi party were not all rooting for genoside and systematic killings, but I think we can all agree that after the war, the Nazi swastika carries a lot of negativity and is not a socially praiseworthy symbol. Flags are cultural representations of ideas and values, not historical documents representing a timeline.

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    I think it's really backwards and disrespectful to an important part of history. It's like a slap in the face to "united we stand, divided we fall". However on a scale of insulting flags, it is less than waving a nazi flag around. I wouldn't say anything to someone waving that flag around, but I'd have my negative thoughts... like "these people are voting?" *shudders*

    But anyways, I am from Southern California, so that's something I won't have to deal with.

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  • 7 years ago

    The Confederate flag is seen everywhere. Most people don't know what it represents . I don't really care about them, I know the only people that have them are hicks anyways.

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    One of my favorite classic rock bands used to use that flag.. skynryd! I do find it disrespectful but I guess its different back south because that's how they are raised.

  • 7 years ago

    I live in Alabama. I've been raised around them and dont see the big deal. They're everywhere around here, even at schools.

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