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can you take your CDL Class in another state if you live in Virginia?

I was looking into company sponsored CDL programs offered by several different companies. One company I was speaking to advised me that I would be unable to take their paid CDL program due to the fact that I live in Virginia and went on to state that I would have to obtain my CDL within the state of Virginia, which leads me to the question of can you take your CDL class in another state if you live in Virginia?

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    Yes you could for example earn a CDL is west virginia. Take the CDL to your local DMV and exchange it for a virginia CDL. I first earned mine in Arkansas and changed it to TN. Who told you that.

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    Traditionally CDL's are issued in the state of the school and the converted to your state of residence. There are several trucking companies that offer training. My personal preference after being in the field for 35 years is Schneider National, I believe the offer the most comprehensive training program on the market. Bottom of the list is CRST(worked for this company for 3 years), minimal training. Swift offers training. CR England trains too.

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