Are the infamous Amer-West mass media feeling themselves a BIG LOSER while reporting the anti China news?

It is very amusing when reading the reader's comment section on the China's news that reported by the infamous Amer-west mass media, who deliberately pick the exaggerated negative news about China to report.

Each time when I read the reader's comment section of those reports ( or articles ) about China, I find that other than 2 or 3 readers take that opportunity to attack China, hundreds of the readers, on the contrary, use those reports as a tool to turn their guns against their own Amer-west governments.

Some of the readers write with anger, while other write with painful humors while bashing the Amer-west governments.

I have come to a conclusion that, 99.99% readers actually don't care about what is going on in China, good or bad, rather, they try to use every opportunity to bash their own Amer-west governments, even though the report has nothing to do with the Amer-west governments.

Do you think that the infamous Amer-west mass media, which take up 95% in the industry, feeling themselves a BIG LOSER after seeing their reports about China fail to produce the anti China sentiments ?

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**** I have only ONE account. No need to lie.

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  • 8 years ago
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    america media is a state "controlled media." ( the defender would argue that it was not state" owned media" like in china )

    their stupidity never fail to amaze me.

    it seems to me that they do not know the difference between state controlled media and state owned media?

    state owned media - the govt hold majority of share in the media, but they are allowed to operate on their own (autonomy)

    state controlled media -the govt may not hold any share in the media, but govt has wide influence over the media.(lack of independence)

    in usa,all media is a state controlled media.

    china,russia, iran - they are forever bad guy.

    usa,uk,australia,eu,israel - they are forever good guy.

    not a single media in usa would call snowden as whistleblower or usa dissident.

    not a single media in usa would say that gay people enjoy better right in russia than qatar who hold world cup in 2018.

  • 8 years ago

    Losers? You and eiji must think of yourself as very smart, because I can not remember reading dumber stuff from anybody since the third grade. Wire services report the news to the media, idiots make the news most of the time and the media reports this to the public. The things you talk of that the media reports to the public were things other people do, like your CCP. When the media reports the news they do not have a thought about what they report most of the time. If the news is bad then the people involved in that bit of news are the losers, the media only reports it. People who think the media is involved are stupid, they report it so the losers are the people in the news. In the case you are asking about the CCP are the losers, they did something that flagged the news organizations and this was probably something very stupid judging by the way you ask questions and eiji answers them. The two of you are the average mentality of the CCP I would guess so they have to make some dang good screw ups. Eiji has this phobia about the US government, maybe meds would help. But the media in the US is international media not controlled by any government and that is what eiji can not comprehend, he is used to having his ideas given to him by the state. The media does have slants on what they report but not controls. Some are left leaning and some are right leaning, some are middle of the road but the news stations are owned by people in many different countries and they want to make money. So the big losers are you, eiji, people who want to blame the media for what they see as wrongs, mental handicapped people who just don't understand. The thing people like you can not see or understand is people (or countries, or doctors, or anybody) do things that makes news, not the media. The people who make the news can be ansd many times there are losers, but the media is a service, they can not be losers. They bring what the CCP does to the public, they do not make things up or write fictional stories, people like the CCP do things to make news and they are the losers. You, eiji, and the rest of the nickle workers will never understand how news and the truth gets out and how it hurts the countries like the CCP but hasno effect on the media. You people who do not understand how the world works are the real losers.

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  • 8 years ago

    No, obliviously not, else why would they waste money in trying to do so. The alternative answer is that that your saying is not truth and part of a wild conspiracy theory popular with Chinese teenagers who have not got anything better to do.

    As for picking the comments section where any person can add something is not a fair way to judge the media. I can claim oh because I see tons of Anti-west and general bad mouthing in Chinese media comments sections that Chinese media are losers and often the Chinese people use the comments to attack their own government.

    You conclusions don't meant anything unless you have hard imperial data to back it up. I also come to the conclusion that 99.999 % of Chinese media commentators actually don't care about what is going on in the West, good or bad, rather, they try to use every opportunity to bash their own communist Chinese government, even though the report has nothing to do with the communist Chinese government.

    Furthermore claims of it taking up 95% of the industry are meaningless and are hearsay unless you have imperial data to back this.

    Furthermore I like to add that Chinese media is really worse that USA. While the govement may not have any shares in it they have wide influence over the media.(lack of independence). The state has control over it and actively tell reporters what to report in it and how and when to stop.

    I have never seen a piece of news that gives a critical and fair review to something that goes against the governmental policy without falling into name calling. Japan, EU and USA always the bad guy. Not only that yet I have never seen a piece saying that gay rights are worse in China than in the USA.

  • 8 years ago

    Welcome back my darling, it is wonderful to see you again.

    Ameri-west medias are not the big losers. It is just the CCP cannot really accept the truth of everything while keep lying to the people. Ameri-west medias are just trying to give reports on the truth and facts, because that's how the freedom of press works.

    Ameri-west countries are mostly democracy, where there is freedom of press and freedom of speech. In the democratic countries, freedom of press and freedom of speech are the most essential things to report everything based on facts and truth. So, the people can have better judgement regarding things.

    Whereas in China, most medias are controlled by the CCP and report everything only in favor to the CCP. Medias in China never get any full coverage, and the reports in China are either censored or being faked by the ruling CCP.

    And how about the CCP medias? When will the CCP medias stop spreading lies and false information? Nobody really trust the CCP medias, since CCP medias are mostly full of lies and deceits. That is why many Chinese people cannot judge everything based on the truth, because the CCP only likes to spread lies and deceit on the medias.

    Stop the lies my dear, God always telling us for not telling lies. It is not good for you if you keep lying to us here. God might be very disappointed with you, if God knows that you are lying. You know yourself that you are a Christian, then why you tell your lies here? That is totally against the Christian values. Christian values always teach us to be honest, remember that!

    Good evening, Ms. Dog Lover.

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  • 8 years ago

    No, the Ameri-West medias are just trying to report everything about China based on the reality. Because the CCP has the tendency to hide everything from the world, and lying to the people about everything. And the Ameri-West medias know that very well, so they are just being curious about CCP's long time deception.

    Ameri-West are trying to reveal the CCP's lies to the world, since everyone in this world knows that CCP is BIGGEST LIAR. At least Ameri-West medias are using more factual analysis based on real statistics and real facts. Whereas CCP medias are only fabricate the facts and deny the truth, while the CCP keeps giving fake statistic to the people.

  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    @ WNL, I beg to differ with your 4 classifications. I consider myself neither of the 4 but with a big passion for the well-being of China and Chinese People.

    There're enough lies, fake stories and propaganda told by the CCP in the past 64 years, ie fake trade statistics, fake birth certificates of Olympics gymnastic players, no one killed in the 1989 Beijing or Tiananmen Massacre, just to name a few. CCP are ruthless thugs who like opening their mouths and eyes wide to lie whatever they desire.

    It's everyone's duty to point out CCP's stupid lies and fakes. Why? If CCP is allowed to continue her ruthless and dishonest behaviors, they'll soon spread to Hong Kong, Macau then Taiwan and the rest of Asia. Mr Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese Activist said rightly during his recent visit to Taiwan,

    "If Hong Kong is unable to influence China with HK's system, it'll eventually be the ruthless CCP influencing HK with CCP's mafia system."

    No Chinese ethnicity from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau nor Singapore come up here to point out the faults of their governments because there're more than enough channels back in those places to get critics' voices heard but NOT inside CCP China, you'll be locked up in black jail or even disappeared forever if caught saying stuffs like Xi Jinping is a big corruptor.

    Since CCP is a whole bunch of liars who are also "face" conscience, hence the only way to force China change for the better is to keep revealing CCP's lies and faults to the world.

  • 8 years ago

    Naw... I don't think so.

    In the West, people still enjoy free speech, whereas in China they don't. Hence, it is easy to post negative comments about one's government in the West, whereas in China, People get arrested for doing so.

    In actuality, I just try to consider the FOUR extreme points of view:

    1) Pro-China fanatics (such as yourself)

    2) Anti-China fanatics

    3) Pro-West fanatics

    4) Anti-West fanatics (such as yourself)

    After comparing facts (in an attempt to reconcile these sordid viewpoints and "find the Middle Path"), I most often discover that:

    1) There are Anti-China + Anti-West fanatics which I would classify as devout psychopaths.

    2) There are Pro-China + Pro-West fanatics (granted there are very few) who I would classify as either being a) "people pleasers"; not such a bad thing, as they are rather peaceful people, or b) greedy bastards who lying to both sides. That's a tough call.

    3) There are the Anti-China + Pro-West fanatics who are very often poorly informed and choose to remain ignorant.


    4) It is the Pro-China + Anti-West fanatics (such as yourself) who are the ones most often caught deliberately posting outright lies, going so far as to attack the category 3a people as "easy targets for their aggression" (such as labeling them "TRAITORS!" in the ways of a jealous and spoilt little school girl who spreads false rumors about a fellow student being a "Whore!"), and they should therefore be classified as warmongering "compulsive liars", and ignored.

    EDIT: @Freely - Please note that I was identifying four "EXTREMES"; I was not including sensible moderates such as you and me.

    Source(s): Isn't THAT interesting? Have you stopped beating your dog yet?
  • 8 years ago

    This guy is a troll. He's asked the same thing twice, with two different accounts, then answered each with other different accounts.

    In both all he does is bash and lie about America.

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