Vitamin D Deficiency?

pretty sure I have a vitamin d deficiency. this entire year I stayed inside (I do online schooling) and never got any vitamin d. not from the sun, I barely drink milk, I suddenly stopped taking my vitamins a few months ago as well. A few weeks ago, I started having bone, joint, muscle, lymph node pain (not bad at all) and it's not constant. It's just random pains. I also became fatigue, and lost my appetite (when it first started, I'm eating like a hog again lol), also a few muscle spasms here and there. I don't have nosebleeds, huge bruises, I don't have a fever, I'm not losing weight, my kidneys and spleen are not enlarged. My mom keeps telling me it's a vitamin d deficiency and I basically brought it on myself by never going outside, stopping my vitamins, etc. I started taking my vitamins again (I started taking 2 multi vites but the past few days I've been taking 3. I'm 14 years old) and I've noticed the pains have become even fewer. I was having pains quite often, and now I'm having barely any after taking my vitamins for a few weeks. The weird thing is, is that I have red dots mainly on my legs (my mom says it does not look like petachiae). I don't know if it's from the vitamin d deficiency, or never going into the sun, a heat rash (prickly heat or something), or what. It also could be a vitamin c deficiency? I don't know what causes that, but I also have small itchy bumps on my arms. Could it also be from stress? I'm a major hypochondriac (my mom literally said that my worrying is scaring her) and when this first started I looked up things and I ended up looking a leukemia symptoms and I literally had the biggest panic attack of my life for like a week straight. My dad also said people who are true hypochondriacs can think about symptoms 24/7 and actually get them. Don't say "go to the doctor" because hearing those words freaks me out. I just want your opinion. Can you also give me some other info about a vita. d deficiency?

But anyways, I've asked multiple people and they all said that it sounds like a vitamin d deficiency and they'd know if I had leukemia or something (my mom was a nurse and she said it as well). people also told me the same thing hapenned to them by never going outside.

I'm 14 and I've been taking 3 adult multi vites. 2 gummies=800 IU for and adult. So is 3 okay? Like I said, the pain has decreased a LOT by taking them.

Does it sound like a vita d deficiency?

BTW, I went to my allergist and everything was normal. No fever, blood pressure normal. Normal heart rate, normal lungs, just everything normal lol.


I have talked to my parents... Reeeeead. Btw, I can't just stop worrying. You don't know how hard I've tried for 5 years. I'm a hypochondriac.

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    You are 14 and you really depend on supplements a bunch. Maybe it would be a better idea to ask your parents and not depend on strangers. It sure sounds like you are way to concerned about your health. You may not like to hear the word doctor but that is the person YOUR PARENTS should be asking. Take a few minutes and talk about your to your mom about your issues. You are 14 !! Enjoy life a little why you can,,, if you keep worrying about your health you'll be old before your time

    Source(s): I am old and wise ,,,,,, and a father of 4
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