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Fabio asked in PetsFish · 8 years ago

How many times do you feed your Tetra fish?

I got 4 white thetra fish for my 10 gallons aquarium, and they told me to give them tropical flakes. I was wondering what time of day should I feed them? Are they daylight feeders or do they eat at night? Thank you


I was actually more curious about the time of the day for best feeding. Day/night, morning/afternoon and so on.

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    A small amount once a day is plenty for them. Do not follow instructions on packaging or pet shop advice, feeding them as much as they can stuff in their gut in three minutes is severe over-feeding. They should only get two good bites of food per day and no more. Examples: Two good sized brine shrimp, or three glassworms, or one flake about the size of a dime each for these tetras. Anymore is over-feeding.

    What schedule would fit you best? They will get on it with you, but you need one that works for YOU, or it wont be much of a schedule.

    My personal schedule is in the evening, usually between 5pm and 7pm. It's not perfectly SET, but it's schedule enough for them. I have one tank that I feed about an hour or two after turning the lights on in the morning. I don't think it matters, so long as they're not over-fed. I haven't noticed them being less active as morning feeders...but I also can say they usually REALLY go for it if fed in the evenings. lol Food is food, if they're hungry they'll eat, but it IS good to have at least some-what of a schedule, some time within a couple hours at specific times, morning, afternoon or evening. If the schedule you pick wont work for you though, it's not gonna work for them, if all of that even made sense. =P

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    Just once a day is enough. Don't feed more than the fish can finish it all in a minute. Remove all leftover fish food immediately after feeding to avoid spoil the water quality.

    Check out the following article about how often and how much to feed the fish,


    P.S. The feeding time is irrelevant for the most part. I usually do it in the later afternoon when I get home. It can be any time, although I personally would avoid feeding before the lights are off. (hey, it's bad to eat right before sleep for us humans... might as well be the same for the fish lol)

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    Once a day is good. But you only need to give them enough that they will eat it all in three minutes and they will be set.

    Source(s): Pet Smart
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