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I am a teacher of 25 years in Mexico City wanting to teach in Ohio USA?

I have taught school in Mexico City for the last 25 years mostly math courses. I speak 4 languages and have taught students that have special needs as well. I have a degree in Geological engineering but I began teaching when a friend needed some people to teach some courses. Here it's not easy to get a job in your field of study so I accepted his request and I have been a teacher now for over 25 years. Will I be able to become a teacher and educator in Ohio USA? I have developed my own courses and more. I am bilingual (Spanish to English and more, French Portuguese. English, and Spanish are the languages I speak. Would it be possible to teach in Ohio? What would be the requirements for this kind of position?,

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    Capt. John couldn't be more wrong! First, we do not have a national curriculum. There are new Common Core Standards in math and language arts only that 47 states have adopted, but that is not a curriculum and it has NOTHING to do with NCLB. Each state still has its own standards, chooses its own materials, and sets its own requirements for teachers. You need to look on the website for the Ohio Department of Education.

    Now, many states have special licensure programs for people qualified in areas of need. In many states, those areas include the sciences, special education, and foreign languages. In many cases, you can take the Praxis test in the area you want to teach, and if you pass that, you can start teaching and take a few years to get the education courses (most state universities offer them at night or in the summer). You have a number of skills that qualify you to teach.

    There are also private schools, where teachers don't have to be licensed by the state. Look up the schools in the area of Ohio you want to live in. A good complete listing of schools is on www.greatschools.org.

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    Not immediately, and not without some work (or school). All 50 US States require teacher certification, and to get that you have to have at least a Bachelors Degree in ether Primary, Secondary or Post Secondary Education.

    Curriculum standards are nationalized here - it is all a part of our government's "leave no child behind" program - so you can bet your courses would be prohibited. In fact, I would never mention them, as they are more likely to get you NOT hired as hired. Innovation & creativity in the classrooms in the USA is a thing of the past.

    So, to teach in Ohio, on any level, you need a State Teacher's Certificate. To get that, you have to have completed all your Bachelor's Degree in Education courses, and the fact that you speak 4 languages will not even exempt you from the required ESL (English Second Language) courses.

    Here's a link - you can learn all about what you need to teach in Ohio:


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