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Why would Hannah Anderson's mother have had a DNA test kit in her car?

Please don't say it is because the police made a mistake it was really one of theirs. I know that is the official story now. The police are capable of some glorious blunders but not one like that. How does her having a DNA test kit fit in with this whole bizarre saga?

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    Individuals can purchase DNA tests via the Internet (and, in some cases, at a drug store). There are several types of home DNA testing kits. One type can be used to verify the paternity of a child. Another kit searches a persons genetic code for markers indicating a predisposition to certain diseases like Alzheimer's, breast cancer of Cystic Fibrosis. Another can be used to identify a person via bodily fluid (saliva or semen).

    Used condoms were found at the scene of the crime. Police haven't specified where the condoms were found. Maybe her mother found them in her home, had her suspicions about DiMaggio and Hanna's relationship, had the DNA in the condoms tested and confronted the pair about the results. It wasn't specified whether the DNA test had been used or not.

    Some people have theorized that DiMaggio was the father of either Hannah or Ethan. DiMaggio was the best man at the Anderson's wedding.

    Will the test (and the type of test it is) become a major part of the investigation? Why did the police release the information about finding the test, used condoms and letters to DiMaggio from Hannah at the crime scene? Those pieces could help to provide a motive for the murders and kidnapping. Hannah knows that that evidence could expose the real relationship between her and DiMaggio. Basically she'll be up against a wall of undeniable scientific evidence and will have to tell them the truth.

    Source(s): dnatesting.net
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    It's pure speculation on my part, but, with the news that there were numerous letters written to Dimaggio from Hannah, and over 10 phone calls that Hannah and Dimaggio exchanged the day of the murders, she may of been pregnant with his child. Hannah's mother could have found this out, and wanted Dimaggio to submit proof that he and Hannah were not sleeping together. That is something that could of set Dimaggio off. Again, it's pure speculation on my part. Another thing that makes me believe she could of been pregnant is that she looked to have gained weight to the pictures I saw of her on her Facebook page.

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    Beats me.

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