What can I do to report this teacher?

Ok so I am a 14 year old kid who is 6 feet 1 inch in height. I'm a down to earth guy who gets bullied a lot and loves kittens :3 I like to act weird sometimes and I have friends who do the same. So I am in band and the Band Director, Ms. Thomas, is a *****. If she thinks of you in a certain way she will yell at you about it in front of class or tell you about it privately. She's says I always want the last word and I boss every one around. That isn't true! She even said I am demeaning! WTF! I am not demeaning! I get bullied all the time! She only thinks that cuz of my height and a lot of people are intimidated by it so they bully me cuz of it. I hate her and she thinks she knows everything. She even pulled me out of class cuz I was "talking" NO I WASNT I was accusing someone else of saying something that I didn't cuz she said "who said that" the whole class said my name and all I did was tell her no I didn't it was that other guy. So I'll stop cuz I'm mad now But how could I report her

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    8 years ago
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    Talk to your parents :) Explain your mom the situation, and she could maybe talk to your teacher or principal.

    Trust me , mostly every teacher becomes nicer, or just ignores you after that, after getting a lecture or meeting from a concerned mom . :D haha and don't worry big guy , all those bullies will be jealous of you when they get older :D and seem like you have already hit puberty , so congrats ! all the girls will most likely follow you around in highschool , not some mean people sore because they have zits all over their faces.

    And you could be a model !!!! You are the model height , and if you have the looks to, you are extremely lucky .

    Don't worry, everything will get better- they are just jealous of you . Hold you chin up high !

    Cheers !

    P.S I hate bullies - that includes your teacher !

  • 8 years ago

    Go to head or tutor and Tell them without saying name and see if the ask who if not Tell parents or older sibling

    Source(s): I'm 14 year old girl same thing happen to my friend
  • 8 years ago

    actually, you would look pretty silly reporting ANY of the things that you have mentioned here.


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    8 years ago

    Call the cops and say she molested you.

    Source(s): Just kidding, don't do that. Also, STOP TALKING IN CLASS.
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