why do girls think bi guys are 100% gay?

i mean most straight girls think a bi guy will cheat on him and...threesome with bi guys usually means that the guys will get it on and push the girl aside? while...guys on the other hand think all bi girls are "poor girls" who desperately need a penis or just attention wh0res? is it becuase males have overly high self esteem while girls are insecure? I genuinely believe many girls are 100% bisexual and can live without a guy and as well as someone who is bisexual i am not going to cheat on a girl with another guy if i like her - + in a 3some i will be more focused to pleasure the girl and...i am like 80% more into women. Men also think bi guys are gay? 10x.


@OK I meant: "will cheat on THEM" - and not "on him"* - error :).

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    6 years ago
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    I know what you mean. I've been called a manipulative user just because I swing both ways; it's almost like being suspected of an inherent dishonesty, because men are expected to be rigid in their gender roles, and being bisexual makes many people uncomfortable because it challenges their notions of what men are supposed to be.

    It's sad that women are allowed more freedom to explore a fluid sexuality only because society as a whole still tends to rate their experiences as of less importance than a man's. For a man, being bisexual is greeted with hostility as though something has been betrayed.

  • I would date a bi guy just like I would a straight guy.But I agree with most of your agruments people have a hard time accepting the fact a male can be bisexual.

    Source(s): bisexual female :)
  • 6 years ago

    My blood boils when this happens.

    As a Bisexual man, I love both genders, hence the "Bi" in "Bisexual".

  • Bdb37
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    6 years ago

    because as far as they are concerned the possibility for them to become involved is now off the table.

    it may be ignorance in some, but an emotional defense mechanism in others because they know they will be hurt

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  • 6 years ago

    It's because they don' t understand that you can be attracted to both. They are probably stereotyping you though because they might have had past experiences.

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