Out these pitches, which current MLB pitchers have the better one?

Basically which current pitchers have the best fastball, change up, etc.

Consider the following:

1. Control

2. Speed

3. Movement

4. Can they throw it in any count

My example and opinion:

Fastball - Aroldis Chapman

Sinker/2 Seam - Tim Hudson

Cutter - Mariano Rivera

Slider - Jose Fernandez

Curveball - Adam Wainwright

Change up - James Shields/Fernando Rodney

Knuckleball - RA Dickey

Screwball - Hector Santiago

Fill free to add a pitch if i have forgotten one

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  • Chaos
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    7 years ago
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    Fastball - Matt Harvey

    Sinker - Tim Hudson

    Cutter - Mariano Rivera (Very honorable mention - Kenley Jansen)

    Slider - Yu Darvish

    Curveball - Felix Hernandez

    Change-up - Cole Hamels

    Knuckleball - RA Dickey

    I don't know many screwball pitchers... but best splitter - Jeff Samardzija.

    Also... even though I don't think Clayton Kershaw necessarily has the "best" of anything, I still think he's the best pitcher in the majors and has a top five fastball and slider.

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  • 7 years ago

    Clown move bro

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