why are some youtube videos blocked because of a certain region?

i've noticed some videos are blocked because it is not available in my country, why are certain videos blocked for certain countries?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Different countries have different Copyright laws. As well, there are many different organizations (or societies) responsible for the copyright-protection of their artists.

    Each one of those have different copyright / royalties arrangements with YouTube.

    Currently, most YouTube videos which have music are being blocked in Germany

    due to legality problems with GEMA -- Gesellschaft für Musikalische Aufführungs.

    Other notable societies are:

    -- American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

    -- Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)

    -- Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)

    -- British Performing Rights Society for Music (BPRS)

    -- Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC)

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  • 7 years ago

    Some video or website are blocked because of the censorship. Countries like North Korea don't want their citizens to see the truth.

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