Good synonyms (which can be used anywhere) for "curse" words? Please help me out!?

I want you provide a list of synonyms words for the words mentioned below (which can used literally anywhere i.e., whether it's your friend, your dad, your bro, your teacher or even a random stranger).

For example, instead of saying, "things won't be good all the f**king time", I can say, "things won't be good all the damn time." It may be noted that the later one is acceptable with any person; but the first one can be with only a very few people (with your friends only mostly). So here are the words for which I want synonyms.

1. Motherf**ker

2. a**hole

3. $h*t

4. *****

And any other words which you can figure out.

P.S. Please don't tell me to look up in a dictionary. Because I can't find any.

Help me. Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hate to tell you this, but there aren't any synonyms for that when used as the typical swear word. There are, of course, synonymous words and phrases when used literally, but you don't mean that. Typical swear words are so overused now they are nothing but meaningless noise understood to be meant nastily. Any reason you can't either make up your own words, or simply use words that mean whatever you are trying to say instead of deliberately and mindlessly rude terms? Looking for shock value? Try yelling 'CRIMINENTLIES!!!!" at the top of your lungs next time you stub your toe. Watch someone try to figure out WHAT you just called him when you sneer "ultrepidous bounder!" or "ninnyhammer!" Lots more fun than the usual idiot's garbage mouth. You might even start a word revolution...

    Source(s): The Ghost of Dibble Hollow The Superior Person's Book of Words any compilation of archaic English or slang terms from 200 plus years ago
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    7 years ago

    don't damn your darned socks...or instead of knit one pearl two you mat get blisters for one and bunions too....corns...callous(es), unique corns, magically

    oh, heck, it's still a helluva walk to Bitchhighlands from 'bout we just marinade some pork in some chile-baste and have at it?

    the friggin' fishin' reel succinctly is tangled so I just decided to throw rocks today

  • 7 years ago

    I couldn't think of any for motherf***ker or a**hole but for sh*t you could say shiz and for b***h I say bish and f**k I say fudge. If any of that helps any.

  • 7 years ago

    "Ding dong" (to copy the sound made by radio censors)






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