English fan looking to get into MLS!?

As someone living in england I can't help but say I've been bored by english football for years now. I used to 'support' chelsea but I kinda lost my flair.

I'm looking to get into the MLS. I like supporting 'smaller' leagues and I've seen some of it and its great.

So how does it differ from english football? As in transfers and season times. Also what team should I follow? I'm planning to move to the states and texas was an area but id support any team!


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  • Kevin
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    7 years ago
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    First things first.

    MLS is a Franchise system. All of the teams stay in the league permanently and don't get relegated. This is typical of American Sports, so the team represents the whole city. However, the players of each team gets relegated or promoted based on the team's decision. Teams can relegate players to lower level teams affiliated with their team.

    If you want high quality football instead of boring football quality of some MLS teams, i recommend following teams with high talent:


    Seattle Sounders

    Sporting Kansas City

    Vancouver Whitecaps

    Portland Timbers

    Real Salt Lake

    LA Galaxy

    New York Red Bulls

    Montreal Impact


    Also, MLS leads in the world in most "COMPETITIVE" league as in...our league has parity and balance.

    The season starts in spring and end in winter with playoffs. The playoffs is like a tournament to pick the MLS Champion.

    If you are moving to Texas, follow Fc Dallas or Houston Dynamo depending on what team is closer.

    Source(s): mlssoccer.com
  • 7 years ago

    im 15 living in Minnesota and honestly I don't know much about transfers and stuff like that but I watch a lot of games. just go to mlssoccer.com and u can learn a lot. If u move to texas support Houston dynamo (best team in Texas) they have a new stadium that opened last season and have a good fanbase. oh and the season is march through late October. I hope u enjoy MLS, it may not be the best league out there but at least its improving... and only 19 years old... I think

  • Gazza
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    7 years ago

    Are you on a wind up? MLS is diabolical. Go and watch a match in the Championship, 1st division or 2nd division. MLS is total rubbish. They don't even know what promotion and relegation is.

  • 7 years ago

    Mls is a pub league support the Argentian or Brazilian league heck even the Mexican league they are all better quality then the mls

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