I need to create my own culture..Need some ideas!!?

I need to create my own culture and I need some ideas..

People: what kinds of classes exist in the society?

Family: what is the basic family structure?

Education: how will your young people learn the skills they need?

Folkways and Mores: what unwritten rules of behavior are present? What are the customs and traditions?

Laws: what are the serious violations?

Political System: what type of government has been established?

Economic System: does the culture barter, produce manufactured goods, provide services? What will be your currency and how will good and services be exchanged?

Science and Technology: how will your culture improve the quality of life of its citizens?

Sports: will you have formal recreational sports?

Arts, literature, and music

Thank you!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You've got it back to front. First, what kind of World do your "people" live in? What technology do they have? Resources? Are they rich or poor?

    Culture stems from codes of behavior that exist out of necessity, so you must first explain what those necessities are. For example, in a land of plenty, theft might be a trivial offense since everything could be easily replaced, the crime of theft might be still be highly offensive on a cultural level though because in such a world people who stole from others would be stealing out of greed not need.

    On the other hand, in a land where water is scarce, the hoarding, squandering or destruction of such a precious resource might be a serious crime, but the theft of water while it might be severely punished would be an act easy to empathize with.

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  • 7 years ago

    Helping you would kind of defeat the purpose of creating your "own" culture.

    And I shall simply ignore the fact that this question is bizarre.

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