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Our horses learn through a prime example: first of all through one person. Over three years they encounter this person in virtually every emotional situation: because when I train, I’m sometimes tense. Or I might be sad, or so happy I could jump for joy. Occasionally, if something’s not going the way I want, I’m annoyed and rather intolerant. Through me the horse learns what form emotions can take in a human being.”

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    馬是透過主要行為模組來學習:首先是針對一個人。三年來這些馬不斷地和這人接觸,也感受了其各種不同的情緒: 因為我的訓練馬的時候,有時候會緊張或難過,甚至是開心到要跳起來。有時候,過程不是很順利時,我會很不開心、脾氣也會變得暴躁。馬透過我學習到人的各種情緒、反應。

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