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而且Verbotene Liebe內容不就是這樣變化多端,Tristan、Marlene、Rebecca的故事我就看得心驚膽跳的了...









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    -------The translation from C/E.:-------

    ----The serial will return in Sept?

    ----How do you think the next eventful develpment will be ? I think both of them will separate. Tristan and Marlene would be separated and then afterwards Marlene with Rebecca would come together again.

    ----How dynamic is the content of "Verbotene Liebe "!

    The relations among Tristan, Marlene, Rebecca have been startling me with excited scenes.

    ----Watching this show but did not understand the language, the disturbing contents were quite large waves on my thought ! Sometimes the computer does not have a translation in Chinese (rough meaning only ), I can only assume their dialogues involved.

    -----By the way ,I am a Taiwan people that language presents much difficulties.

    -----What I have addressed to you formerly was by translation. Although I can understand a little English, yet not know how to write !

    ----No matter what, as long as their serials continue, I'll certainly continue to watch the episodes.

    ----I try to watch every episode. Because I don't understand German I have to give up; just waiting for Marlene, Rebecca's serials.

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    Their story will return in September?

    Do you think the development of what will be next? I'm afraid both of them separately, Tristan with Marlene Marlene not also separated .. then together again after with Rebecca.

    And Verbotene Liebe content is so varied, Tristan, Marlene, Rebecca's story I see very scared of the ...

    In watching this movie, did not understand the language very troubled content makes me feel pretty big ups and downs, and sometimes the computer does not translate from Chinese (translated of course, about the meaning of it), I can only guess that they rely on feel of the dialogue. .

    Yes, I am a Taiwanese ... so the language more difficult.

    I give you the letter also asked people to translate, although understand a little English, but not how to write.

    No matter what, as long as their stories will continue, then I will continue to watch.

    Thank you for your answer.

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