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Who do you think will win the World Series?

NL WildCard Game: Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis Cardinals: Cardinals defeat the Reds

AL WildCard Game: Tampa Bay Rays vs Oakland A's: A's defeat the Rays

NLDS: Pittsburgh Pirates vs Los Angeles Dodgers: Dodgers win 3-2

NLDS: St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta Braves: Cardinals win 3-2

ALDS: Detroit Tigers vs Texas Rangers: Tigers win 3-2

ALDS: Boston Red Sox vs Oakland A's: Red Sox win 3-2

NLCS: Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals: Cardinals win 4-2

ALCS: Boston Red Sox vs Detroit Tigers: Red Sox win 4-3

2013 World Series: Boston Red Sox vs St. Louis Cardinals: Cardinals win 4-3

I think the Cardinals will stun everyone like they did in 2011. This is my opinion, who do you think will win it all this season?

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    Same World Series, different result. I say Red Sox in six games.

    Source(s): If they learn to hit with RISP
  • 6 years ago

    AL Wildcard: Tampa Bay Rays vs Texas Ranger: Tampa Bay defeats Texas Rangers

    ALDS: Tampa Bay Rays vs Detroit Tigers: Tampa Bay Rays defeat Detroit Tigers 3-1

    ALDS: Oakland Athletics vs Boston Red Sox: Boston Red Sox defeat Oakland Athletics 3-2

    ALCS: Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox: Tampa Bay Rays defeat Boston Red Sox- 4-3

    NL Wildcard: St Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds: Cincinnati Reds defeat St Louis Cardinals

    NLDS:Pittsburgh Pirates vs Los Angeles Dodgers: Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Pittsburgh Pirates 3-0

    NLDS: Cincinnati Reds vs Atlanta Braves: Atlanta Braves defeat Cincinnati Reds 3-1

    NLCS: Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles Dodgers: Los Angeles dodgers defeat Cincinnati Reds 4-2

    2013 World Series: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays: Los Angeles defeats Rays 4-1

    Source(s): In my opinion I think that the Dodgers if they stay healthy have a team that can simply beat any team in the MLB at will. They have a roster that literally will be a let down if they loose. They are like the Miami Heat of the MLB right now. I picked Tampa Bay because not too many people are thinking they will be a real threat since the Sox are in their division but I think the Rays have a better roster and their pitching rotation is a lot better than the Sox. St Louis won't be able to beat Cinci because the Cardinals have displayed this season they can be very weak at times and I think the Reds will exploit that. Even if the Cards did win the Dodgers would beat them because the Cards just recently got smoked by LA and I don't see anything changing if LA stays healthy.
  • AGM
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    either Pirates beating Red Sox in 5, Dodgers beating Rangers in 5, Cardinals beating A's in 7 or Tigers beating Pirates in 6

  • Kal-El
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    The Detroit Tigers


    St Louis in 7 games.

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  • 6 years ago

    Dodgers in 6 over the Tigers

  • MFFL
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Since it appears we're all just picking our favorite team here, I'm taking the Rangers over the Atlanta Braves in 6 games.

  • 6 years ago

    Tigers in 7 Against the pirates

  • 6 years ago

    Pirates will be one of the NL wildcards......looking at the schedule, either the Reds or Cardinals or both are going to pass them in September.

  • 6 years ago

    Tigers over Dodgers in 7.

  • Tigger
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    6 years ago

    Boston will probably beat the Dodgers in six games.

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