Girl and boy baby names what do you think of of these names?

Not pregnant just want to know your opinion i like uncommon names but any suggestions are welcome. I'm just collecting for future.(: also need middle names and like I said ANY names are recommended

Girls- Kenzlee, Shaylee, Brylee, Kaydence, Paislee, Ariella, Serenity, Teliah, Sahaylee, Keaira

Boys- Kasen, Kaden, Parker, Liam, Chance, Keegan, Keyton, Braxton, Grayson, Paxton, Declan.

Please feel free to make any suggestion ( I know some of them sound weird but I LIKE them!)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Kenzlee, Shaylee, Brylee, Kaydence, Paislee: All of these sound extremely trashy and perpetually immature to me...I vote a big, big NO on all of them.

    Ariella: Pretty but seems a tad over-the-top and reminds me of the word "areola" (the pigmented circle around the nipple). I prefer Arielle.

    Serenity: Pretty but slightly cheesy, I prefer Serena which seems more regal and name-like. If you like the -ity ending I prefer Verity or Felicity, which seem more elegant and serious.

    Teliah: Pretty but more like a random pretty sound than a real name with meaning and history. What about Talia or Thalia?

    Sahaylee: Kind of pretty but seems made-up and low-class...I picture it on an adorable little inner-city black girl with huge, sad eyes and a sad life to match.

    Keaira: Pretty sound but too many vowels, Keira would be better, Ciara or Chiara (classic names that sound similar...Ciara is Irish, Chiara is Italian) would be even better!

    Kasen, Kaden, Keegan, Keyton, Braxton, Paxton: All of these sound trashy, immature, and bratty. Again I say a collective NO.

    Parker: Not as trashy as those above but still way too trendy and completely unattractive to me.

    Liam: Handsome, charming, and classic, I really like this one!

    Chance: Cute for a Jack Russell terrier, but doesn't work for a human guy older than 5.

    Grayson: See Parker. In fact I dislike Grayson even more than Parker...gray is just such a blah, dull, elderly color.

    Declan: Another handsome classic! I like it even more than Liam.

    Some suggestions:



    Cassandra (nn Cassie or Casey)








    Penelope (nn Penny or Nellie)








    Charles (nn Charlie)











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  • 7 years ago

    Hey Ashley! :)

    I agree with you! Weird names are cool!

    Kenzlee: 6/10 How about you take the N out and make it Kezlee instead? I like that!

    Shaylee: 7/10

    Brylee: 8/10 I actually really like this name!

    Kaydence: 8/10 I love Kay as a nickname!

    Paislee: 4/10 Not so keen.

    Ariella: 9/10 It is a beautiful name! Could be shortened to Ariel or Ella?

    Serenity: 4/10 I don't like it as much as some of the other ones if I am honest.

    Teliah: 5/10 Hmmmm...

    Sahaylee: 5.4/10 I don't really know?

    Keaira: 4/10 Nah not for me. But how about Kezia? That is pretty and uncommon.

    Kasen: 9/10 I love it! I also really like Mason

    Kaden: 6/10

    Parker: 2/10 Sounds more like a sirname to me.

    Liam: 6/10 Nice!

    Chance: 4/10 I don't really like it too much. Maybe Chase instead?

    Keegan: 8/10 Beautiful!

    Keyton: 6/10 Prefer Keegan!

    Braxton: 6.4/10 I like it, but how about Baxter or Brody instead?

    Grayson: 4.9/10 Not very keen.

    Paxton: 1/10 Definatly not!

    Declan: 5/10 Its okkk. Not the best.

    Some off the top of my head unusual name and middle name ideas are:

    Flynn Declan

    Eden Robert

    Clint George

    Noah Silas

    Silas Jacob

    Jonas Timothy

    Elijah Lewis

    Jasper Richard

    Caspar Isaac

    Gavin Jonas

    Harrison Phillip

    Nathaniel Anthony

    Alistair Brody

    I hope that helps you :)

    All the best :)

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  • 7 years ago

    Girls: Kaydence

    Boys: Kasen, Parker, Chance

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  • 7 years ago

    I like Shaylee, Brylee, Kaden, Liam, and Chance

    answer mine?;_ylt=Ak_kA...

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I like the boy names much more than the girls. Keagan is my favourite name.

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