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Cyclist vs SUV - who's fault?

Ok so i was cycling to work along a busy road and there is an area where you have to go into the left turning lane in order to pull into the parking lot. Today I pull into the left lane and I slowed down as I pulled into the lane because there was a long line of cars coming towards me and I had to wait to turn. All of a sudden an SUV rushes into the lane before me so fast he clips me with his mirror on my shoulder. He tried to get into a fight with me but I didnt say much and got to work because I was late. Was this my fault for slowing down too much in the middle of a busy road or was it his for being too aggressive? He yelled at me, sayi that I was unpredictable and swerved into him, but I was going dead straight he swerved into me.

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    The SUV driver was at fault. The vehicle in front always has priority (commonly known as 'right of way'). If a police officer had seen it, the driver could have been cited for failure to yield, unsafe passing and potentially dangerous driving.

    When this sort of thing happens, it never hurts to take down the offending vehicle's license plate and report it to the police. They may do nothing, but like I say, it can't hurt.

    To prevent this sort of thing, as Wleatlanta-II says, take the lane - ride well into the travel lane (close to the center of the lane) to prevent motorists from thinking they can squeeze by you. Even the particularly stupid motorists (like your SUV driver) are not willing to kill someone just to cut a few seconds off their commute. The experience of many cycling instructors shows that the safest place for a cyclist to ride is the center of the general traffic lane - it's safer than any other position on the road or even (believe it or not) off the road.

    Riding in the middle of the lane prevents all sorts of common crash types and intersection conflicts and although motorists don't understand this and may respond poorly to a cyclist taking a full lane, at least it will keep you safe. Since I started to routinely cycle in the middle of the traffic lane, the number of close calls I've had on my bike have been significantly reduced.

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    Its not because I am a Cyclist and I say things like,"Oh,of course the Car is at fault.",but seriously the driver is just being too aggressive.A driver should be cautious to a Cyclist on the road and its wrong for them to pass Cyclist anyway they want,but next time,if there is an alternative route,please try not to go the that busy street anymore.Who knows what might happen,hopefully nothing bad happens to you,God Bless.

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    He should of been more careful. He knew you were there and if you were so "unpredictable" he should of slowed down. He was just trying to save his butt by saying all those things.

    Source(s): A fellow biker(:
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    you were not taking your lane

    you were at the edge right?

    it was his fault but you didn;t really signal by position what you wanted him to do

    though he may have also been talking on cell or watching youtubes

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    Next time, get a policeman to write a report. Sounds like his fault.

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    If you were unpredictable, he should have given you more room and stay back.

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