Chances of getting into any good colleges (like GA Tech, UGA, Southern Polytechnic or GA State)?

Im a 17 years old and Black/African American

I plan on majoring in Architecture at GA Tech but i have backups.

Okay Im a senior now and Im taking AP Psych and AP Enviro Science. Im debating on taking AP Political Systems/Economics but im scared I might fail, honestly I regret not taking any in my earlier years but I was too scared to fail. I've taken many honors classes though.

GPA is around 3.4

Still awaiting ACT and SAT scores.

Extracurricular Activities: I am a certified AutoCAD Revit Architecture user, I didnt do any sports (mainly bc my family couldnt afford it) I did 1 Chinese club, 2 years of ACE (Architecture Engineering & Construction) program hosted at GA tech, 1year Junior Achievements Program, I don't really have may volunteer hours around school but many outside of school (thousands!) from the local mall.

Is it possible to still get into a good college and how? If not I accept it. I just wont be suprised if i end up killing myself (I fear failure, not death). I want to make my parents proud of me I want them to die happy because they know that their son is successful but i realize it might not happen.

Someone please help!

2 Answers

  • Bryan
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Do this for you. Not your parents. Your GPA is on the low side BUT if the SAT goes over 2,000, you express your passion for Architecture and explain your lack of sports. Be interesting.

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