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Are the courses with "ACCP" in the title on ALMS all worth promotion points?

I am an E4 in the Army and I will be eligible for promotion in a few months so I'm trying to build up my promotion points. I've been told that I can rack up quite a few with ACCP. ALMS has a specific link just for ACCP courses. Are all of the courses with "ACCP" in the title worth promotion points? Or are there a specific few? I have a hard time believing that I can get promotion points for taking basic math or carpentry courses.


I understand that for every five hours of army correspondence courses, I earn one promotion point. I know how many hours and how many points I need to max out the military education section. I'm asking if ALL army correspondence courses count for promotion points. There are some correspondence courses that are completely irrelevant to the army- like "intro to journalism," "basic math," and "carpentry." Are those courses worth promotion points? Or are there specific army correspondence courses for promotion points? The classes I'm talking about are all on ALMS, and have "ACCP" in the title.

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    ACCP courses count for correspondence courses for promotion points. 5 hours of a correspondence course equals 1 point. You must do an ACCP course completely (if there's 28 sub-courses, that means all 28 of them) before you will be awarded any point. You should aim for 420 hours, which is the max for points for going for e-6.

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