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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 8 years ago

Name For A Story Of Mine? Help?

I'm writing a story and the title HAS to be a color and a flower type ( don't ask why ) so it has to be like, Purple Lilies or something like that. Thanks (:

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  • Dulce
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    8 years ago
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    List of common colours:














    List of common flower names:

    african corn lily, ixia

    african lily, agapanthus

    alpine thistle, eryngium

    amaryllis, hippeastrum

    amazon lily, eucharis

    arum, zantedeschia

    baby’s breath, gypsophila

    balloon flower, platycodon

    barberton daisy, gerbera

    bee balm, monarda

    bell flower, campanula

    bells of Ireland, moluccella

    bergamot, monarda

    bird of paradise, strelizia

    bloom, chrysanthemum

    blue throatwort, trachelium

    bottlebrush, banksia

    brodiaea, triteleia (syn)

    broom, genista

    calla lily, zantedeschia

    canterbury bells, campanula

    carnation, dianthus

    china aster, callistephus

    chincerinchee, ornithogalum

    chinese bellflower, platycodon

    christmas rose, hellebore

    cockscomb, celosia

    columbine, aquilegia

    coneflower, rudbeckia/echinacea

    cornflower, centaurea

    corsage orchid, cattleya

    cosmos, cosmea (syn)

    cuban lily, scilla

    daffodil, narcissus

    dill, anethum

    drumstick, craspedia

    eustoma, lisianthus (syn)

    evening primrose, oenothera

    false goat’s beard, false spirea/astilbe

    feverfew, tanacetum parthenium

    flame lily, gloriosa

    flame tip, leucadendron

    flamingo flower, anthurium

    florist’s nighmare, ornithogalum

    floss flower, ageratum

    flowering cherry, prunus

    flowering onion, allium

    forget-me-not, myosotis

    foxglove, digitalis

    foxtail lily, eremurus

    gay feather, liatris

    gentian, gentiana

    gillyflower, matthiola

    ginger, alpinia

    globe amarath, gomphrena

    globe artichoke, cynara

    globe flower, trollius

    globe thistle, echinops

    glory lily, gloriosa

    golden rod, solidago

    golden shower orchid, oncidium

    goosefoot, chenpodium

    grape hyacinth, muscari

    guelder rose, viburnum opulus

    guernsey lily, nerine

    hyacinth, hyacinthus

    jersey lily, alstroemeria

    kangaroo paw, anigozanthos

    kansas feather, liatris

    lady’s mantle, alchemilla

    lady’s slipper orchid, paphiopedilum

    larkspur, delphinium consolida

    lavender, lavandula

    lilac, syringa

    lily, lilium

    lily of the valley, convallaria

    lisianthus, eustoma

    lobster claw, heliconia

    loose strife, lysimachia

    love lies bleeding, amaranthus

    love-in-a-mist, nigella

    lupin, lupinus

    marguerite, chrysanthemum frutescens

    marigold, calendula

    masterwort, astrantia

    michaelmas daisy, aster

    mimosa, acacia

    monkshood, aconitum

    montbretia, crocosmia

    moth orchid, phalenopsis

    mum, chrysanthemum

    obedient plant, physostegia

    ox-eye daisy, leucanthemum vulgare aka chrysanthemum leucanthemum

    painter’s palette, anthurium

    peony, paeonia

    peruvian lily, alstroemeria

    pincushion protea, leucospermum

    plumed thistle, cirsium

    prairie gentian, lisianthus

    prince of Wales feather, amaranthus

    queen Anne’s lace, ammi

    queen Fabiola lily, triteleia (syn brodiaea)

    red-hot poker, kniphofia

    rose, rosa

    safari sunset, leucadendron

    safflower, carthamus

    scabious, scabiosa

    scarlet plume, euphorbia fulgens

    scorpion orchid, aranthera

    sea holly, eryngium

    sea lavender, limonium

    september flower, aster

    singapore orchid, dendrobium

    slipper orchid, paphiopedilum

    snake head, chelone

    snapdragon, antirrhinum

    sneezeweed, helenium

    snow berry, symphoricarpos

    snow on the mountain, eurphorbia marginata

    speedwell, veronica

    spider orchid, arachnis

    spray carnation, dianthus

    spurge, euphorbia

    st john’s wort, hypericum

    star of bethlehem, ornithogalum

    statice, limonium

    stock, matthiola

    stonecrop, sedum

    sugarbush, protea

    sunflower, helianthus

    sweet pea, lathyrus

    sweet sultan, centaurea

    sweet William, dianthus barbatus

    sword lily, gladiolus

    tansy, tanacetum

    tazetta, narcissus

    thistle, eryngium

    tjenkenrientjee, ornithogalum

    transvaal daisy, gerbera

    tuberose, polianthes tuberosa

    tulip, tulipa

    turban buttercup/French buttercup/Persian buttercup, ranunculus

    turtle head, chelone

    ulster mary, alstroemeria

    waxflower, chamaelaucium

    windflower, anemone

    wormwood, artemesia

    yarrow, achillea

    Make any combination you wish, like

    Purple Thistle

    Black Rose

    Yellow Carnation

    White Windflower

    Red Snapdragon

    Orange Lily

    Blue Safflower

  • 8 years ago

    Black Roeses

    Blue Lilies

    Purple Iris

    Red Poppy

    Hope i helped

    Good luck

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Blood Red Roses

    Violet Lillies

  • labath
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Random names. Kiana, Leslie, Bridget, Angelie, destiny, Kayla, Shaena, Gabriella, Neille, Kelly, Blis, Hanma, Carina, Natalla, Zayna, Viola, Jacquelina, Quinna, Ave, Meave, Elodia

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  • 8 years ago

    Golden Tulip

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    blue forget-me-nots

    saphire blooms

    blood red roses

    Golden sunflowers

    silver orchids

    celeste columbine

    lilac passion flowers (passion petals)

    Source(s): time on my hands
  • 8 years ago

    .The Black Rose

    .The Colorless Flower

    .Yellow Daisies

    Idk hard without much info to go off of, but I hope it helped :)

    Source(s): Me
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