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What happens when a god dies in Norse mythology?

I've been wondering for some time, what happens when a god dies in Norse mythology? I'm talking about during Ragnarok, because most of the gods die during it, but do they just cease to exist or do they become spirits of some sorts?

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    When a Norse God or Goddess dies, it is the end for them. When Human warrior died bravely, they were taken to Valhalla (Hall of the Slain) where they can feast with Odin but the real reason was that the Gods required warriors for Ragnarok. In Ragnarok, almost everyone will die. It is a mythology where there is no hope left. The world will end at Ragnarok. Gods, Mankind, Giants, Monsters all will die and the world will come to an end.

    But, there was a little hope given in the end, where it was said that out of the ruin of this old destroyed world, a new World will rise where everything will be just and fair. Albeit it was not much, a little hope was given.

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    They went to heaven, the underworld, or Valhalla depending on circumstances of their lives and death. For example, part of the story leading up to ragnarok is of Baldur's death. He dies and goes to the underworld presided over by Hel. After Ragnarok which is somewhat stated as an inevitable future and sometimes as the end of the story, Baldur is/will be resurrected. His story shows what happens to gods when they die. Same as humans.

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