How do I more Windows 8 to an SSD?

So i have an HDD and it has windows 8 on it right now (64 bit) and i want to buy an ssd for like faster boot time and more storage, I have my OEM copy of windows 8. Can i just move the files (assuming not) or do i just install it on the ssd and delete it off the HDD (and set boot on the ssd in the bios)?

Instructions or video links are welcome :) Thanks in advanced

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'd disconnect the HDD then install the SSD and install Windows 8 to that. Then reconnect the HDD and copy off any files you want to keep if the SSD has enough room or burn them to disc or something. Then it should be easy to right click your old hard drive and choose format. The hard drive will be erased and then you can move your personal files over into the new empty space.

    - Dominic

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  • 7 years ago

    High quality SSD's (like Samsung) usually come with clone software, some have to be run in win 7 compatibility mode for win 8. If the SSD you choose does not come with clone/imaging software, just download Macrium Reflect (win 8 compatible) for free here -

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