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Why does John Doe say "I know you" in the movie Se7en?

In the movie Se7en, when John Doe turns himself in and he's still standing, he says, I think to Somerset, "I know you," and then I believe repeats it. I was just wondering why he says this. Thanks for any help!

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    He's actually talking to Mills. Earlier in the movie Mills had an altercation with John Doe who was present at the scene taking pictures disguised as a reporter. Mills chases him off while John Doe threateningly tells him he has his picture. Mills responds by giving him his name and spelling it for him. I'm certain he had planned to get Mills involved seeing as he'd just come from murdering his wife, but he was surprised he was lucky enough to have the very man he was looking for come directly to him as he was turning himself in.

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    neither. your missing the point. there was nothing strange about this film in its ending. serial killers of this kind dont want to teach people a lesson. they havent got those sorts of motives and they havent got morals. its the ATTENTION that serial killers often seek. they want to be noticed for their crimes and they want to be recognised as good at what they did, and getting away with it. by shooting john, john gets away with it. if john stays alive he goes to jail and loses. a bit like bin laden, they wanted him alive because if you kill him he becomes a god. people take note and recognise him more. if he goes to jail, he rotts and people forget about him. i disagree with what the other poster says. just because killing him makes brad pitt committ the 7th sin doesnt matter to the police or to themselves, its john's game, not brad pitts. what matters is that dying is better than life in prison without the fame or legend.

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