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Are government teachers promoting an anti-Christian tone within our public education system?


Parents in Florida are raging over a high school textbook they say contains too much emphasis on Islam and not enough on Christianity.

The issue surrounding the “World History” book, however, extends beyond the district, with 50 percent of Florida ninth graders apparently using it in class over the past three years. Politicians and others who have reviewed the book claim that it includes 36 pages on Islam, but only three paragraphs on Christianity.

Additionally, some critics say Islam is favored and given a platform not afforded to other religious constructs — for one, students are prompted to read the Koran but not the Christian Bible.

Florida state Rep. Ritch Workman, a Republican, charged that the book has an overtly pro-Islam bias.

“It’s remarkably offensive to me,” he told WESH. “This book very much sugar coats the rise of Islam to be this wonderful new world order, while teaching that Christianity is dogmatic.”


And this may be relevant to the issue:… Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2012):

-The National Education Association (largest government teachers’ union) gave $43,613,263: 71% went to democrats, 5% to Republicans.

-The American Federation of Teachers (second largest government teachers’ unions) gave $34,698,466: 86% went to democrats, 0% to Republicans.

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    it appears so.

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    Not having read the book, I have no comment but If what you say is true, then Islam seems to have been over-emphasised. However it is a world history test, and the actual reality is that between about the year 700CE and maybe 1100 or 1200 CE the main repository of genuine learning was in Islam. The main reason for this was that all educated Muslims learned Arabic so as to read the Koran, which meant that a man in Spain, could correspond with another in India or even China in a common language.

    Further, for one reason or another a lot of the learning of the ancient Greeks and Romans fell into Muslim hands. Mathematics, astronomy, medicine, geography, dentistry, even early chemistry. Any history of science or western civilization will tell you this. Meanwhile, Christian Europe was in a dark age, illuminated only here and there by a few monks who knew something of this from a scanty few scrolls that they happened to have and happened to have read.

    And as for the teacher's union donations, there is not effing way I'd support the Republicans if I were a US citizen, given the garbage that their candidates spew. Teachers are marginally better educated than the average, they can see that the Republican Party is in debt to the retards and rabble rousers of the Christian Right, the source of lies about geology, biology, homosexuality and so forth. There is no way that I would support those spewers of shite, even indirectly

    Source(s): See documentaries like Civilisation by Kenneth Clark or The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski.
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    Honestly, religious groups trying to grab children through schooling is nothing new in the US. The thing many who are upset fail to realize, is just as they do not want their child exposed to Islam, many others do not want their children exposed to Christianity. While I do have some sympathy for them, it wanes quite a bit when I realize the only reason they're upset is because they don't get MORE space than the Muslims they hate so very much. There is absolutely no reason to to be too sympathetic to their cause when you stop and remember that (for many of them, at least) if they had their way, all school children, regardless of faith of the family (or lack of faith), would be taught THEIR religion and only that others are wrong or evil or at the very least are shown in a negative light - just as Christianity and Judaism already are shown in some schools in the Middle East.

    In a multicultural society, any discussion of religion in a classroom should be strictly historical. In that case, yes, the Muslims will get a whole lot of pages. So will the Christians. It should be noted, that the Christians have a longer history of poor behavior though, so the same who are screaming about the Muslims getting more space than them certainly would not like THAT being brought up to give the Christians more space, either.

    Source(s): Forn Sed
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    with out seeing the textbook it isn't an answerable question. the rationalization that the instructors' union provides extra money to the Democrats and by no skill to the Republicans is the Republicans look the manager crew continuously attacking them for a supposedly "failing" guidance gadget. The purple herring is that the voucher gadget is a ploy no longer to make our public guidance gadget extra useful, yet to grant them a probability to settle on out. yet are there adequate structure colleges, parochial colleges or different tutorial avenues accessible to help each and every toddler in united statesa. outdoors of public guidance? the answer isn't any. So low income little ones do not truly get an selection, colleges receives to cherry %. which scholars they choose (which will make their numbers look great, and the others look worse). regardless of the undeniable fact that, i'm having a wager that this Islam subject matters heavily isn't an difficulty, yet a fashion to whip people up about a topic or difficulty that would not truly exist.

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    They should also include more about hinduism and other religions. In Florida christianity can take care of itself. Only by teaching the children about other religions they can make an informed choice. The possibility that christianity is not the correct religion is just too high to take any risk.

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    Would you rather they be dumbed down?

    They teach what they know will help the students.

    Not what YOU think will help.

    Why the fvck do you care about democrats and republicans when you just wanted to say something about the school?

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    Maybe you should first learn how to correctly post a link. When you do that, post a link to a legitimate impartial non-religious site. Because posting anything associated with Glenn Beck as fact, is just ignorant.

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    see the problems that arise?

    all the more reason not to teach ANY religion in public schools.

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    This has been happening since the 60s, where have you been?..........>

    There is no Christianity in school, period. 10 commandments have been removed from nearly every government building simply because some atheist says he is offended.........I just dont understand how they can be offended by something they believe doesnt exist...........>

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