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Are government teachers promoting an anti-Christian tone within our public education system?


Parents in Florida are raging over a high school textbook they say contains too much emphasis on Islam and not enough on Christianity.

The issue surrounding the “World History” book, however, extends beyond the district, with 50 percent of Florida ninth graders apparently using it in class over the past three years. Politicians and others who have reviewed the book claim that it includes 36 pages on Islam, but only three paragraphs on Christianity.

Additionally, some critics say Islam is favored and given a platform not afforded to other religious constructs — for one, students are prompted to read the Koran but not the Christian Bible.

Florida state Rep. Ritch Workman, a Republican, charged that the book has an overtly pro-Islam bias.

“It’s remarkably offensive to me,” he told WESH. “This book very much sugar coats the rise of Islam to be this wonderful new world order, while teaching that Christianity is dogmatic.”


And this may be relevant to the issue:… Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2012):

-The National Education Association (largest government teachers’ union) gave $43,613,263: 71% went to democrats, 5% to Republicans.

-The American Federation of Teachers (second largest government teachers’ unions) gave $34,698,466: 86% went to democrats, 0% to Republicans.

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    If you child or grandchild attends a school that uses C-Scope then you will find it has a very high push on anti-Christian material and very pro Islam material. Go to your child's school and ask to see the textbooks. Ask if they use C-Scope. If they do, then either get busy and get your state board of education to throw it out or pull you kids from the public school.

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    Without seeing the textbook it is not an answerable question. The reason that the teachers' union gives more money to the Democrats and not to the Republicans is the Republicans seem to be the chief group always attacking them for a supposedly "failing" education system. The red herring is that the voucher system is a ploy not to make our public education system better, but to give them a chance to opt out. But are there enough charter schools, parochial schools or other educational avenues available to support every child in America outside of public education? The answer is no. So low income kids don't really get an option, schools will get to cherry pick which students they want (which will make their numbers look great, and the others look worse). However, I'm betting that this Islam issues is not really an issue, but a way to whip people up about a problem or issue that doesn't really exist.

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    Honestly, that would be least of my concerns.

    People claiming Christianity isn't emphasized "enough" need to get a fking clue. It's not a RELIGION class. Historically, Islam (and those who followed) actually contributed quite a bit to science, mathematics, astronomy etc. That is relevant to WORLD history.

    That being said, the fact these people will let a Soviet style police state spring up around them while they b*tch about how often Christianity is mentioned in a school book proves they're ignorant and have no sense of priority.

    America's fked.


    "The National Education Association (largest government teachers’ union) gave $43,613,263: 71% went to democrats, 5% to Republicans."

    Do you know WHY? Teaching creationism in science class is straight out of the 1700s. THAT is why. Democrats have MAJOR issues, but generally speaking (with the exception of drug policy) they do tend to let the scientists make their cases using facts.

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    no longer having study the e book, I even do not have any remark yet when what you're saying is actual, then Islam seems to were over-emphasised. regardless of the undeniable fact that it is a international historic previous try, and the quite actuality is that between about the three hundred and sixty 5 days 700CE and per chance 1100 or 1200 CE the significant repository of actual gaining expertise of grow to be in Islam. the significant rationalization for this grow to be that each and each and anyone knowledgeable Muslims discovered Arabic as a way to study the Koran, which meant that a guy in Spain, might want to correspond with yet another in India or perhaps China in a undemanding language. extra, for one reason or yet another various the gaining expertise of of the historic Greeks and Romans fell into Muslim palms. mathematics, astronomy, medicine, geography, dentistry, even early chemistry. Any historic previous of technology or western civilization will allow you to recognize this. in the period in-between, Christian Europe grow to be in a dismal age, illuminated only right here and there by some monks who knew something of this from a scanty few scrolls that they surpassed off to have and surpassed off to have study. And as for the instructor's union donations, there is not any longer effing way i'd help the Republicans if I were a US citizen, given the garbage that their applicants spew. instructors are marginally extra useful knowledgeable than the finest, they could see that the Republican party is in debt to the retards and rabble rousers of the Christian suited, the source of lies about geology, biology, homosexuality etc. there is not any way that i'd help those spewers of shite, even in a roundabout way

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    Guess what, little neocon wannabe...The United States is NOT a "Christian" nation and our own Constitution's First and Fourteenth Amendments guarantee separation of Church (emotion-based) and State (thought-based government). To study world history, one would have to become acquainted with the world's many religions in a nonemotional manner in order to understand others' cultures. Did you know that Muslims had the first successful capitalism? I bet your prejudice and closed mindedness would have prevented you from knowing this simple fact. And why was the Muslim version of capitalism successful? Because their religion prohibits corporate greed. Instead of using the blanket prejudice you suggest, why not learn from the study of other cultures, other faiths, other people's views?

    Quit being so paranoid and maybe learn understanding and tolerance, if your propaganda-filled mind will allow such enlightenment.

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    To be fair, this country was not founded on the religion of Christianity. Also, the bible makes it pretty clear that it is an individual's responsibility to get saved in Jesus Christ. If you think this even close to a Christian nation, you are way off base.

    I do believe that there is a general disservice towards Christian voters and Christian believers in this country. But, I believe that the country was designed for this. Seriously, who honestly thinks the secular elite will just hand Christian believers the power of this country?

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    A school is not a church. No influence of any religion should be allowed at school, if you want your kids to have specific spiritual formation, good for you, but it's your job as a parent to teach them or guide them to church, it's not the math teacher's job.

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    The cram and ram method of forcing ideology down the gullet of a youngster

    is all these Marxist know. They being indoctrinated, Are now indoctrinating

    others. Vicious web they weave.

  • generally classes on European history focus on western Christian history more while World history focuses more on the middle east, south american, asian and african history...

    in other words... you usually, HAVE YOUR ENTIRE OWN CLASS that focuses on Christianity...that is separate from this one that only partially focuses on all the other religions...

    usually the three classes everyone takes is American history, european and world history... then if you "major" in history you can take others

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    I loathe religion. I would rather see philosophy being taught and leave the religion up to the parents.

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