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Good Ideas for a Liam Payne Fan Fiction?

ok so I am writing a Liam Payne fan Fiction, I need some good ideas on what it should be about. I already have the title which is "Something Special" i just need some help on what it should be about so you could help me out i would really appreciate it!(:

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Well if it's too cliche, you could probably write maybe your main girl is just out clubbing with some of her friends and through out the night she goes outside to get a cab because she can't stay out too late because of work or college or something and she feels like someone followed her from the club. And leading to that, Liam could have been in the same club and he too is leaving early and he hears a scream where he comes in a helps her out. Something special could be where maybe she didn't know Liam was in a band, and it was a random, nice, sweet guy who helped her out. Or Something special where Liam might probably just found his special girl.??

  • 8 years ago

    He is a freaking doucebag and tries to "get" with you and you became his obsession, like a badboy's precious secret. Or you are his girlfriend but your parents, really rich and all wants you to marry Niall or Harry and you two run away. You always workand he rewards you but he gets pulled away by a girl in France and you leave. He comes after you in pursuvise love and you two take a ride to the Swing To The End Of The World. In the end, you two end up married, living in a little house with two darling children and a dog,

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