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What do you think of Amanda Knox's appearance?

I'm not a mean or evil person but she has always struck me.

When I see her face, the way she holds herself and so on, she strikes me as looking very cold-hearted and self-centered. Like there is no warmth or empathy to her. And it bothers me to even look at her face.

What do you think?


She's hot? She's one of the ugliest, most butters people I have ever seen. She looks like some kind of evil, disgusting demon that anybody with a heart or soul would rather stay a whole mile away from at any point.

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  • 7 years ago
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    As an American, living it Italy......and who followed the trial from day ONE..........she is absolutely GUILTY of half a dozen things.

    People who quote the "Justice in Perugia" site......might as well quote 9-11 Truther sites, for "facts".

    If you want the actual FACTS of the can try the "Meridith was MURDERED" site....which lists, accurately, all the twists and turns of the case.......fact checks all of Amanda's claims......(many of which are Pants on Fire LIES......) and lists the facts of the case in exacting detail.

    Not media BS......and splashy headlines.....but the actual FACTS of the case.

    Amanda's release was politically engineered......and both lawyers responsible for it, were well paid off, took the loot and promptly retired.

    The legal mumbo jumbo that released her was so RIDICULOUS, that it was OVER TURNED by the Italian supreme court and RULED, to be without any legal merit, whatsoever. Amanda's CURRENT status LEGALLY STANDS, as "Provisionally GUILTY, as charged"----until the 3rd and final review, where anyone even remotely familiar with the case, suspect the ruling will UPHOLD the murder charge, for all the fat lot of good it will do, since Amanda was allowed to FLEE.....and FLEE she did.

    She pretends she "might" come back for the 3rd trial......but anyone with a brain knows that's an ACT..........because if found guilty.......she goes back to serving her 26 year sentence.

    She has no intention of ever stepping foot in Italy again.

    As for her appearance......I find her to be the vacant, steely eyed, cold, empty killer that she is. She showed ZERO emotion that her "dear friend" was brutally butchered in the house they shared.

    Her stories are BS,..........her written statements, in English, were BS, her alibi's were proven to be false....she attempted to frame an innocent man.........

    these are the actions of someone with nothing to hide?

    She's as "innocent" as Casey Anthony.

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  • 7 years ago

    That Myra Hindley - if you like a bit of 'rough' - she looked a regular sexy bit when she had just dyed her hair too.

    I think I may draw some Manga of the pair of them and submit it to the relevant board on 4chan.

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  • 7 years ago

    Because the witch trial strategy was so effective, you think she is guilty of murder. You must read the British Tabloids. You hate her so you refuse to believe anyone who says something good about her.

    Therefore I will tell you I think she looks like a $5 crack wh0re, so you will give me some stars.

    ,as for Meredith Kercher,....I'd hit that.

    Source(s): yahoo/answers/travel/italy/perugia.........resolved.
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  • On looks, she is a plain Jane. She never smiles. She looks like a sociopath, and probably is.

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  • 7 years ago

    I used to think she was innocent until I saw her interview on shocked she's free...I feel she is guilty in some way.

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  • 7 years ago

    She's HOT. Damned hot.

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