Flower bouquet as a gift on my sister in law's confirmation day?

Good day, I'm pretty confused whether should I or should I not buy or give my sister in law a flower bouquet (white roses) on her confirmation day..help me guys..tq..

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's a beautiful idea. I also saw some sweet little pink ones at Safeway last night with some white filler flowers in between. Also, Trader Joe's always has those potted miniature roses, too, in several different colors. If you do get the flowers, you might also look for an inexpensive vase to put them in unless you're sure they have lots of vases. If white roses are traditional in the church for confirmation, then by all means go with that. It probably stands for purity.

    • alena7 years agoReport

      Tq so much,and I've manage to buy for her a bouquet of white and pink roses..she loves it..my mother in law loves it too.. tq

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