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Steven asked in SportsFootball (American) · 7 years ago

Questions on how to Play Corner?

How hard is it to play corner?

How different is it from playing safety?

How do you play corner? What do you have to do?

Do you have to be fast to play corner?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I would ignore cc4e. Obviously he doesn't know anything of importance. People say that other than quarterback, playing corner is the most difficult. Corners are also supposed to be the fastest players on the field and great at changing direction. They must e very fast backwards and able to turn around and keep up with the fastest receivers.

    I played both and they are different in some ways. Safety you watch the whole field and go for the deepest man. As a corner you either have one man that you know you will cover, or you will go in zone defense. In zone you sometimes (almost never though) will not cover anybody and just be waiting for someone to drop into your zone. The most popular zones are 1/3 of the backfield: this means that on you side you are supposed to cover the receiver that runs the deepest down field. Another common one is flats. Flats are hard to describe so I would suggest googling where flats are on a field. In zone coverages you still line up against a man but it just means that there is a higher chance that you won't end up covering him by the end of the play. Safeties will run up and try to stop the run by running right towards the RB or by trying to cut in front of him. As a corner if the run goes to the outside and it is your side, then it is technically your responsibility. If the run is to the opposite outside then you are supposed to run down the field and cut the RB off. In that last situation you would be the last man that could stop the RB.

    Cornerback is also a very stressful position. Unlike most positions you are out on your own. You are on your own island and everybody sees you mess up. So you must be able to bounce back from mistakes and keep playing well.

    Another thing I failed to mention is how quick thinking you must be. As a corner you have the least amount of knowledge of what you are going to do the next play. You could either follow a WR down the field or shed them and go tackle the RB. You have to not be fooled easily by things that the offense sets up to fool you. Ex: hitch and go or crossing routes. I enjoy it more than safety but it is all preference.

    We're you planning on playing corner?

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  • 7 years ago

    Most of the time you have to come up fast to support on sweeps and runs off-tackle. Read the end or wide-out you're over. As soon as he blocks down hustle up to support. Tackle from the outside in if you can. On passes you will either have a deep third or quarter of the field in zone; don't let anyone behind you. In man coverage you cover the outside guy on your side. If the play is away from you rotate over to the safety's area and watch for the runner to cut back towards you.

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  • 7 years ago

    I love how you are asking people on Yahoo answers. Who don't know anything, let alone being able to demonstrate how to play.

    I suggest you talk to a real coach

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  • 7 years ago

    Your coach would be able to explain in detail everything you would want to know about playing cornerback... I would suggest you talk it over with him... Good luck....

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