Summer Reading HELP!!!!?

I am just starting high school and I have to do two summer reading projects. One of them is to read an autobiography or biography, I chose a biography of Princess Diana. We have to give a brief oral presentation and answer field questions about the subject and the author. I am just not sure what field questions are or what publication information is. It would help a lot! Thanks!!

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  • Donald
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    7 years ago
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    Publication information includes: Book publisher, book publisher location (example: London, England) book author, year originally published, and title of the book.

    "Field questions" means to answer questions that the teacher or other students might ask. Those will be items likely covered in the book, but not addressed in your book report. For example: "How did Diana do in school?" Or sometimes questions that you might have after reading the book. For example: "How do you think Diana would feel about....?" So: Read the book and be familiar with it.

    Hope that helps.

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