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Where can i get my electric car serviced and repaired in baltimore outside the dealership?

I just want to know if there any local garages that work on electric vehicles and electric vehicle battery systems

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    I'm an EV hobbyist, and I've driven electric cars for years, well before they began to become mainstream.


    I've taken my all-electric car to independent garages. They won't work on the electric motor, but frankly, that's never going to break. Electric motors have just one moving part, and require no maintenance (like the electric motor in your refrigerator.) I have a 30-year old "Electra Van" that has never needed any motor maintenance at all.


    But independent garages have no problems servicing brakes, shocks, and all the other parts you would find on any other car.

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    Your problem is with the vehicle electric battery system. You don't say what kind of problem you are having beyond this. If the batteries need to be replaced almost any auto repair shop could handle this as well as other usual car complaints.

    However if the problem is in the way the system is designed and it is not a car made by a large company like a nissan leaf then as with any custom made vehicle your options may be a bit more limited. I would consider three options:

    1. look for a shop that does electric car conversions

    2. look for advice from the electrical engineering department of a local university

    3. hire an electrical engineer to troubleshoot the problem.

    For any large company manufactured vehicle you could take it to the dealer and you should probably do this to maintain your warranty status. If you have problems with one dealer you could look for another. But if you are thinking of saving money seeking service outside of the dealership you should weigh very carefully what you are giving up for what you are getting.

    Using these options may require you to pay anything from nothing or a donation to a modest fee to a more substantial amount.

    For specific recommendations you can reach out to local organizations like this one: and or a local chapter of Plug in America

    There are many options if we know where to look.

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    Call around to various shops and first find out which ones work on "My" cars.

    You can then go on to ask them if they work on "My" cars made in the same year that yours was made.

    Now, you can ask them if they work on "My" cars of the same model as yours, and last, ask if they work on "My" cars that have the same engine you have.

    It probably would have been a little less time consuming if you had indicated the year, make, model and engine size (if applicable, as in a hybrid) when you first contacted them.

    And (here's a thought) maybe you should even tell them specifically what symptoms your car is having in an effort to get a reasonable answer.

    Actually, this is a very good way to ask a question.

    First, tell them the year, make, model and (if it's a hybrid) the engine size.

    Now you can tell them what the problem is that you're having that requires repair.

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