What Career is best for me?

I've got a few idea's of what I would like to do when I enter university however I wanted to look at more options to widen my field of view.

On my list is

Dentistry- (Because my Parents want me to do it and I'm starting to like the idea)

Medicine- (Because I want to be a GP(UK only) )

Architecure- (Because I like art.)

My personality.

I like helping others

i want to change the world

I'm good with computers

I like to draw

Creativity- 6/10

Biology has always been my favorite subject.

I hate chemistry

I hate writing a lot

I tend to stay away from politics.

I try and interact with all people no matter their differences

However I am also quiet and shy.

I hope thats enough

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    There are websites you can go to and take a test. The test asks you questions on things for example, "Do you like to help people with problems?" or "Do you like to do public speaking?" You would either choose "Don't like" "Unsure" or "Like" (It wouldn't be exactly as I'm saying, but close enough) But anyways once finished it showed you what you scored in each field like creativity, realistic, etc. You can then click that field and it has a list of possible careers that might fit you. You can also click the careers and it gives you a brief description of the career. I know that schools often use these websites to help students get an idea of what could be a possible career for them. I hope I helped!

    P.S: One of the websites that I know of is https://utahfutures.org/Portal.aspx

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I would say architecture

    - helping others

    - Eco-friendly homes ( helping change the world )

    - computers , you have to use program's to do computer designing

    - drawing

    - fairly creative

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